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“Date night” photos: Is Megan and Harry’s romance just for the press?

Prince Harry & Megan Markle’s relationship has awakened numerous debates and controversies. Maybe people wonder if there’s something dark hiding behind the way they’ve ventilated their personal & family history through different media. We’re talking about the interview with Oprah, their podcast, and the Netflix Docuseries Harry & Megan. But is there a chance that their actual romance is just for the press?

Yet, single moves like a date night between the couple are now socially questioned under the belief that they might hide another intention below! Honestly, due to all the situations public figures go through it’s even understandable for them to plan their lives always thinking about numbers. A lot of people, especially in the U.K. do not necessarily like Harry & Megan, but they haven’t stopped being trending topics! 

We all know Prince Harry & Megan have done an amazing job positioning their names, but why was this “date night” worth a note in The Sun? What’s so special about a couple attending a bar to watch a football match? Well, there are other details that make this date a little peculiar, as always, here’s all you need to know about this night. 

The Date Night 

Sadly, when it comes to public figures, all movements are delicately followed by fans, the press, and haters. According to the newspaper The Sun Prince Harry & Meghan Markle recently went on a  “date night” at a basketball game and many wonder if there’s another reason behind it but love. Is the couple going through a hard time and there’s suddenly a need to compensate through the media

Anyway, this particular date was nothing special or particularly romantic. In fact, Harry & Megan were joined by their lawyer, PR as well as a load of Archewell employees. The whole crew watched the LA Lakers and Memphis Grizzlies match. Plot twist, Kim Kardashian, Adam Sandler, and Sean Combs were also among the celeb-studded crowd. What’s really going on there? Here are all the details!

Is this just a friend’s gathering to spend a good time with friends at a bar while watching a football match? Or was it a networking / press strategy? When someone reaches the level of fame that all figures in that event had, it is hard to leave the press out of the equation. Especially when such an event as King’s Charles coronation is right around the corner. 

Also, something interesting around the crowd aside from the presence of a Kardashian, is Megan’s lawyer. This person has been responsible for handling the former actress’ legal affairs all these years. Many members from their podcast and Do series were also at the bar that night, which makes people certainly conspire if there are new projects of them coming. 

Is Harry & Megan’s Romance just for the press? 

Anyway, this whole situation does make people think if Harry & Megan’s romance is still alive after all they’ve gone through together. One of the situations the couple has repeatedly mentioned in their different projects is how hard it was for them to date when they were separated by sea. Considering that paparazzi wouldn’t stop sharing information from both sides. 

Yet, this time didn’t last long since the couple made everything to get together as soon as possible and in fact, they got married. Yet, problems with Megan also started very soon, most of them involving a different treatment from the royal family based on racial & cultural differences. In one word, racism! This immediately marked a line between Prince Harry and his family, since he always defended his wife. 

Yet, five years have gone by since the entire drama began and honestly, there’s no way that all the external void doesn’t affect the couple’s intimate relationship.

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