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Explore the buzz behind Prince Harry's rumored divorce. Is there truth in the whispers, or just more royal rumbles? Grab your sleuthing hat and dissect the drama with us.

Discover why Harry and Meghan were expecting an Emmy

Could the glamour and sparkle of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle outshine the Emmy snub’s disappointment? Despite drawing an astounding eighty-one point six million viewing hours with their Netflix documentary, Harry & Meghan, the regal duo was notably absent from this year’s Emmy nominations list.

The eclipse

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex might find their exclusion from the Emmy nominations tough to digest. According to Majesty magazine’s royal expert, Ingrid Seward, the power couple is likely stung by this public rejection. However, the silver lining lies in their nomination for the Hollywood Critics Awards, where they contend in the Best Streaming Nonfiction category.

Throughout the six-part intimate series, Harry and Meghan paint their royal departure as a move towards sanity, rather than an escape. Their narrative unfolds against a backdrop of “hardships” endured in their seemingly sun-kissed, picture-perfect world.

Despite this hitch, Meghan and Harry are expected to turn this slight into a success. While their professional lives seem jinxed, Seward insists that the couple’s personal narratives will continue to captivate audiences. 

Their media empire may have been shaken – their twenty million dollar Spotify contract recently slipped away – but they’re far from being ousted.

In twenty-one, the dynamic duo penned a hefty hundred million dollar deal with Netflix to create shows and a variety of other content. Although Meghan’s Spotify podcast Archetypes may not see a second season, they still have the Netflix deal to fall back on.

A Golden Cage or A Quiet Escape?

As their media saga unfolds, there are whispers that Prince Harry might be growing weary of the Hollywood limelight. Speculation is rife that the father of two could be contemplating a more low-key life. A recent article in The Daily Mail posed an intriguing question – how long before Harry chooses to retreat from the showbiz spotlight? Have the Sussexes unwittingly ensnared themselves in a golden cage of expectations?

Meanwhile, the Harry & Meghan series emerged as Netflix’s biggest documentary debut ever, clinching the second spot on the platform’s weekly rankings. However, the series was outperformed in the English-language category by the Addams Family spinoff, Wednesday

This show entered the exclusive club of programs with one billion viewing hours on Netflix within a month – a distinction held only by Squid Game and Stranger Things Season 4.

Despite high viewership, Harry & Meghan lags behind Wednesday, Stranger Things, and Ryan Murphy’s Dahmer in popularity. But can the royal pair hold onto their spot in Netflix’s ratings in the weeks to come?

Top contenders

The week also saw a variety of exciting entrants in Netflix’s top 10 English-language shows. The list includes the second and final season of Firefly Lane, popular thriller 1899, the enduring The Crown Season 5, reality cooking show Snack vs. Chef, and the concluding season of Manifest

Each of these shows offers a rich range of content, spanning drama, thrillers, and reality TV.

As another week begins, the burning question remains: Can Harry and Meghan weather the storm and solidify their status in Hollywood’s glittering pantheon, or will the royal pair choose to retreat to a quieter, more peaceful life?

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