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Time to hang the tinsel, wrap those presents, and enjoy the festivities. Sit down with Hallmark this Xmas for their selection of holiday films this season.

Grab some cocoa: What’s coming to Hallmark this Xmas

Hallmark films always leave people with that warm fuzzy feeling of joy and laughter (both if you love them or love to make fun of them). They make each Christmas a bundle of sugar-coated happiness with their touching stories and hilarious premises. 

It’s not a surprise that Hallmark is coming out with a big batch of new films to ring in the holiday season. Here are our picks of tinsel-filled stories of love, family, and the Christmas season that is coming to the Hallmark channel. Grab some cocoa and enjoy! 

November 2nd 

Merry & Bright

It’s love at first sight as two business-savvy people come together in the name of making the holiday season sweeter for the candy company they both want to succeed. Will it be sweet or will their encounters turn sour? 

November 3rd 

A Christmas Scavenger Hunt

It’s a search for Christmas spirit as Belinda must reconnect with her ex for the annual scavenger hunt in her hometown. Will the fire reignite or stay cold this season?

November 7th 

A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas

Wedding bells ring this holiday season as Willow returns to the inn her family owns to help her sister plan a wedding. But will she find love in David, the inn’s current owner?

November 8th 

Holiday for Heroes

Looks like Santa isn’t the only one writing letters, as Audrey and soldier Matt meet for the first time after a year of writing to each other in this sweet holiday film. 

November 9th 

Picture a Perfect Christmas 

Chance is a funny thing, which an extreme sports writer will discover as he assists a neighbor while caring for his grandmother in this heartwarming story. 

November 10th 

The Mistletoe Secret

A tinsel-filled tug of war is happening within Aria as she must pick between two men who may reverse her town’s tourism drop. 

November 14th 

A Christmas Miracle

Single mom and writer Emma needs a miracle to help her come up with an article idea for her magazine job; she may find more than she thought possible as she gets closer to a colleague and tries to bring some holiday joy to a lonely street musician.

November 15th  

A Godwink Christmas: Meant For Love 

There seems to be something in the universe that is trying to push Alice and Jack, two opposites in every way, together this holiday season. Will they fight the pull or let coincidence do its job?

November 16th 

Christmas Under the Stars

It’s a classic Scrug story, as investment banker Nick learns to appreciate the holiday spirit thanks to astronomy teacher Julie. Will the stars align for the two? 

November 17th 

Write Before Christmas 

Jessica sends out some good cheer through Christmas cards to those who impacted her life in this sweet holiday special. 

November 23rd 

Christmas at Graceland: Home for the Holidays

It’s The Sound of Music with a Christmas twist as nanny Harper and wealthy Owen grow closer during the holidays and learn from each other. 

November 25th 

A Christmas Duet

It’s the holidays and music rings out to draw old partners Averie and Jesse back together to see if the two can play together again after so long apart. Will they strike a melody or will the chords smash too loudly for them? 

November 26th 

The Christmas Club

True love is easy to find for Olivia and Edward as the two help an old lady find her Christmas savings. 

November 27th 

Double Holiday

The holidays are full of learning for both Rebecca and Chris as the two must plan their office Christmas party despite their differences. 

November 29th 

Christmas at the Plaza

The Plaza is gearing up for the holidays as both Jessica and Nick work together to set up an exhibit on the iconic hotel’s history. 

November 30th 

Christmas in Rome

Love rises like pizza crust for Angela and Oliver, who needs Angela to show him around Rome in order to purchase a ceramics company. But will he win something even more valuable? 

December 1st 

Christmas Town

Lauren learns just what makes Christmas amazing again after she packs up and leaves her life in Boston behind, which leads her to the small town of Grandon Falls and its cheerful residents.

December 6th 

Time for You to Come Home for Christmas

It’s a turbulent ride as Cara and Heath connect over their bittersweet memories of lost loved ones during the holiday season and also navigate the rough weather outside and within their dynamic. 

December 15th 

Holiday Date

Brooke and Joel must work together to convince them that they are dating and that Joel is Mr. Christmas. The problem? Joel is Jewish and has never celebrated the holiday! Will they succeed? 

December 22nd 

A Cheerful Christmas 

Lauren must try to make the royal James embrace Christmas as his Christmas Coach, but will she make him love something else as well?

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