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With how crazy 2020 is, it’s no surprise there has been an uptick in UFO sightings around the globe. Was it the Goodyear Blimp or a UFO?

Goodyear Blimp or UFO? The NJ residents who were confused

With how crazy 2020 is, it’s no surprise there has been an uptick in UFO sightings around the globe. Whoever had alien invasion on their 2020 apocalypse bingo card, you may want to get your marker ready. 

But for some New Jersey residents on Monday, September 14th, they forgot what the Goodyear Blimp looks like for a minute. A TikTok posted on Monday showed an unidentified object flying above Route 21. The video quickly gathered millions of views and was reposted across all social media platforms. 

Monday Night Football

Apparently, NJ residents forgot the Goodyear Blimp is a staple at MetLife Stadium during New York Giants & New York Jets games. An iconic fixture at all NFL games, the Goodyear Blimp is used to help gather aerial footage of the stadium and the game for TV coverage. 

Monday Night Football saw the Giants going against the Pittsburgh Steelers at home, hence why the Goodyear Blimp was out and flying around. A rep for Goodyear confirmed the blimp was flying around NYC & north NJ because of the game. 

Why did people think it was a UFO?

If you can’t see the giant Goodyear logo on the blimp, it’s easy to see why it looks like a UFO. As the videos show, a spherical object with a glowing bottom was seen in the sky from Route 21 in NJ. The video captured above Teterboro Airport showed a similar image. 

Plus, not everyone seeing the blimp was close to MetLife Stadium and probably didn’t know there was a game going on in Jersey. All this and the increase in international UFO sightings cooked the perfect situation to confuse Jersey residents. 

That didn’t stop drivers from causing traffic jams around North Jersey as they stopped in awe of the “UFO”. It’s hard to be mad at people for stopping traffic when the chance of catching a real-life UFO is at stake. 

Doubts about the blimp

No amount of confirmation from Goodyear could stop some conspiracy theorists. As Twitter user @AnimeAnniePlays points out above, the shape of the alleged UFO and the blimp don’t match. The new blimp also doesn’t have an LED screen, and there’s something very clearly lighting up at the bottom of the “UFO.”

Another user, @QYoloyt, also pointed out the two shapes don’t match. The back of the blimp doesn’t look like the alleged UFO. There aren’t any high-quality photos of the UFO to compare, so it could just be because the camera quality isn’t making out the more dominant features of the blimp.

While the UFO in NJ is case closed for the most part, there are plenty of unsolved UFO sightings worldwide over the past month. You can decide for yourself if they were real or not by reading our UFO coverage here.

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