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The 13th edition of the Global Nonviolent Film Festival will run from September 26 to October 7, 2024. How can you apply?

Global Nonviolent Film Festival Announces 2024 Dates & Opens to Submissions

The 13th edition of the Global Nonviolent Film Festival will run from September 26 to October 7, 2024.

Submissions are now open on FilmFreeway. Narrative, documentary, docudrama, animation and experimental films, as well as music videos are welcomed in every genre as long as they do not showcase extreme or graphic acts of violence that are gratuitous. Films depicting current or historical events of a violent nature such as wars are accepted. Films depicting traumatic events are accepted.

After the Festival, all selected films will receive a distribution contract proposal from Global Cinema Online – a pay-per-view streaming channel for films that do not contain gratuitous violence. The channel is available worldwide at

Global Nonviolent Film Festival was founded by film Maestro and member of The European Film Academy, Bruno Pischiutta, and producer Daria Trifu in 2012. The annual event is today the most important and renown nonviolent film festival in the world. The international film festival is owned and organized by Global Film Studio, a Canadian media company that is focused on ventures that are socially conscious and nonviolent.

Global Nonviolent Film Festival is an on-line event that is broadcast entirely and exclusively on For 12 consecutive days each year, the world viewers get the chance to watch the films selected at the Festival. The movies are accompanied by daily video presentations hosted by the Festival’s organizers. The viewers can supplement the information about the participating films and filmmakers by reading articles in DARIA! — art, culture and entertainment magazine established in 2005 — that provides full media coverage at

Here is what the filmmakers had to say about their experience at the Festival in 2023:

Christopher M. Allport (USA) | Director: EMILY OR OSCAR?

On behalf of my Emily or Oscar?’s team, we are gratefully honored to receive these prestigious awards (Best Cinematography and Best Actress). Resolving scripted cinematic conflict through non-violent action and dialogue is one of the strongest things we can do as storytellers to deescalate conflict in our contentious world.

Nikita Hattangady (USA) | Director: LA PIETRA

This is a lovely film festival. People from all over the world can watch the films at their leisure. Creating a festival that promotes non-violence is a trendsetting and very necessary concept and I fully support the festival. Highly recommend to filmmakers to participate. We are honored that our film was chosen and deeply touched that the prestigious Global Nonviolent Film Festival has awarded La Pietra three awards. Thank you so much. In a world that desperately needs peace, your festival is like a beacon of light.

Christina Mathieson-Segura (USA) | Director: YOU’LL BE OK TOO: CHRISTINA’S JOURNEY

I can’t say enough about the communication, promotion and overall interaction I’ve had with Daria and her team. Every aspect of this Film Festival was well thought out, professional and really focused on the films and the film makers. I’m so grateful to Daria for all she’s done for our film. Thank you so much for the amazing work you do!

Claudia Noble-Areff (South Africa) | Producer: THE CLOUD PRINCESS

Participating in Global Nonviolent Film Festival was an absolute pleasure! This festival sets a shining example of what a well-curated, filmmaker-friendly online festival should be.

From the moment we submitted our film to the final screening, every step was seamless. The festival organizers displayed a deep passion for cinema and a genuine commitment to supporting filmmakers. Their communication was prompt and clear, and they provided a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all participants.

What truly stood out was the exceptional selection of films showcased. Festival director, Daria Trifu, and Artistic Consultant, Bruno Pischiutta, both have an eye for talent, and the diverse range of films screened was a testament to their dedication to celebrating the art of filmmaking.

It’s evident that the Global Nonviolent Film Festival team goes the extra mile to create a dynamic and enriching experience for all involved.

In short, Global Nonviolent Film Festival is a shining gem in the festival circuit. We’re incredibly grateful to have been part of this wonderful event and look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with them.

James Chalmers (USA) | Cinematographer, Director: BECOMING LADY HAMILTON

What a wonderful idea to have a film festival for filmmakers who enjoy making films about subjects that have nothing to do with violence. Entered for the first time in 2023 and I’ll be back next year. I do struggle with many aspects of working on line — however I got there in the end aided by a great deal of help and support.

Paul Foulkes (Japan) | Director: TRADITIONAL MIDWIFE

Great Film Festival as always! It was good to see more content coming from Japan and Asia. Thank you all for recognizing us and we will definitely be back for the next one.

Takashi Horie (Japan) | Director: THE LAST PASSENGER

I love the concept of your film festival, and I hope it will grow more and more. I truly admire that your film festival is spreading peace through the art of films. So wonderful! I am so proud to be part of your film festival. Thank you! Love, Takashi

Genevieve Sulway (UK) | Director: I AM KANAKA

This festival is a powerful reminder than you can change the world. Congrats to my fellow award winning filmmakers! I love your festival. It really focuses on films that make a difference.

Teresa Mular (USA) | Director, Jury Member 2023

My sincere congratulations to Daria and Bruno for running such a great festival this year! What a great pleasure to be part of your jury. Phenomenal films in all categories. Look forward to your future festivals. You have such special talent for finding jewels in the pantheon of independent filmmakers.

Zsolt Pozsgai (Hungary) | Director: RED FAUST

Thank You Daria Trifu, all the team of my film, Red Faust, are really happy for the awards. And thanks for the professional organization and screenings! I know your Festival well, and know what a big honor it is to get award at it! És éljen a stáb!

Rob Daniel Hutt (UK) | Director: TIME SPENT

It has truly been an honor and a privilege to have been part of this incredible festival!

Alireza Beigi (Iran) | Director: STONE

Thank you for considering me as a member of the Non-Violence Festival family; I am proud to have won an award in this festival. I hope that we will have a world without violence against children and women.


We, the entire team behind the documentary Faith in Blackness — An Exploration of Afrolatine Spirituality, are very grateful. This is a meaningful recognition. Respect and love to the other films in the festival and to you and your team.

Christine Vandemoortele (Italy) | Director: EMBRACE

Thank you to Daria Trifu for the impeccable organization of the festival, and also to the jury for honoring the cinematographic work of Pablo Galarza and the music of Daniel Goddard in my experimental film, Embrace. Global Nonviolent, two words with a deep personal resonance that I hope become a wider reality.

More information about Global Nonviolent Film Festival is available at Submit a film via FilmFreeway. Contact the Festival at

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