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Ghislaine Maxwell’s legal team claims that unsealing Jeffrey Epstein documents would ruin Maxwell’s defense. What's inside?

How will the Epstein documents affect Ghislaine Maxwell’s case?

Back in 2014, Virginia Roberts Giuffre joined a group of women who filed a lawsuit against the Southern District of Florida, demanding to nullify a plea deal given to Jeffrey Epstein. In their court filings, the women described sexual abuse that was perpetrated against them not only by Jeffrey Epstein, but also other famous and powerful people, including Ghislaine Maxwell. 

What documents are sealed?

After the filings in the Epstein case were released, Ghislaine Maxwell responded by suing the only self-identified plaintiff for defamation, Virginia Roberts Giuffre. The Giuffre vs. Maxwell defamation case took place in 2015 and included a number of sensitive documents and testimonies that describe Maxwell’s participation in the sexual abuse of Virginia Roberts Giuffre. 

The 2015 Giuffre vs. Maxwell case was settled out of court and the documents of that case were sealed off with the intention of not having them opened again. Now Giuffre is suing another one of her accusers, Alan Dershowitz, and Giuffre’s defense team is requesting that these documents be released to the court since they are relevant to the new case. Dershowitz is counter suing Giuffre for defamation. 

“Critical new information” has surfaced

Last week, Dershowitz’s legal team requested to stop the release of the 2015 documents because of their potentially embarrassing nature. Now, Ghislaine Maxwell’s legal team claims that “critical new information” shows that releasing these documents could prejudice Maxwell’s own defense in her criminal prosecution. Both legal teams are trying hard to keep these documents sealed from the public.

Luckily, judge Preska denied the request of Maxwell’s defense. Judge Preska stated that “Ms. Maxwell knows, her ipse dixit (assertion without proof) does not provide compelling grounds for relief. Should the protective order in the criminal action be modified to permit disclosure of the relevant information to the Court, Ms. Maxwell may renew her request for a stay of the unsealing process.” 

Victoria Secret’s former CEO is involved

Alan Dershowitz’s legal team has also requested that the court compel Leslie Herbert Wexner to give a deposition against Virginia Roberts Giuffre. Virginia Roberts Giuffre identified Wexner, the former CEO of Victoria Secret’s parent company L Brands, as someone she had been trafficked to. Giuffre and Wexner didn’t go to court but Dershowitz’s claims Giuffree extorted money from Wexner out of court.

The exact information that’s contained in these sealed documents is still a mystery, but it’s clear that some powerful people don’t want it released. An appeal for judge Preska’s decision is scheduled for August 20th and a hearing to decide whether Leslie Wexner can be forced to provide testimony in the current defamation suit is scheduled for August 24th.

Leslie Wexner was good friend with Epstein

Leslie Wexner previously tried to avoid becoming entangled in Jeffrey Epstein’s case, even though Epstein was his financial manager for over 20 years. It’s alleged that Epstein used Wexner’s some of Wexner’s properties to sexually abuse underage girls. Wexner was also seen on Epstein’s pedophile island by a former employee working on Little Saint James at least once.

Since Virginia Roberts Giuffre identified Leslie Herbert Wexner as a sexual abuser, Alan Dershowitz is trying to prove that Giuffre just used this accusation as a way to extort money from Wexner. Wexner’s own attorney sent a letter to the judge stating that “no extortion demand was ever made”. Giuffre’s lawyers said Dershowitz is just trying to create a smoke screen distraction against his own accusations.

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