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Looking for some representation? These are some of the best gender non-binary characters on television right now.

The best gender non-binary characters on TV right now

Gender is a spectrum and we’re all just figuring out where we might fall on that sliding scale. But no matter where we end up it’s exceptionally important to know that our identities are accepted and even celebrated in the world. 

Representation is vital in shaping our individual identities & worldviews. Children are profoundly impacted by seeing someone like them on TV, film, books, etc. Now that diversity is seeping into all areas of media, we see new kinds of characters, like non-binary characters, finding a place in television.  

For anyone who needs to find some representation (or anyone who just likes well-developed characters) here are a few non-binary characters on TV today.

Taylor Mason

Asia Kate Dillon made history on the hit show Billions as Taylor Mason, the first major non-binary character on American TV. Mason is a finance genius who works for the hedge-fund billionaire, Bobby Axelrod. Dillon, also non-binary, recognizes that their role on the show is an extremely powerful representation in the non-binary community.

Yael Baron

A character on Degrassi: Next Class, Yael Baron (Jamie Bloch) is an ambitious, smart student. In season four of the show Yael comes out as non-binary and it leads to an interesting discussion amongst their peers on how to address them. The inclusion of a non-binary character such as Yael on a young adult series allows young people the chance to learn how to support those with different identities.


Stevonnie (AJ Michalka) was born from the literal fusion of Steven and Connie’s bodies in Steven Universe. As a result Stevonnie embodies the feminine/masculine traits of both their creators as well as blend of their personalities. Stevonnie is a metaphor for the complexities & fluidity of gender. As Garnet says when she first meets them “You are not two people, and you are not one person. You are an experience.”

Zoë Hange

This Attack on Titan character is a freethinking, energetic commander. In the original manga, Hange’s gender is purposely left ambiguous and no specific gender nouns are ever used with Hange’s character. In the anime however, Hange (Romi Park) is referred to as female and even drawn more feminine. Still, Hange does not readily conform to either gender and fans of the original manga still think of Hange as non-binary.

Brianna Bishop

Bishop (Bex Taylor-Klaus) is the clever, wise-cracking driver in charge of Sheriff Hollister’s security detail in the show Deputy. They are a seasoned detective, and become instrumental to the reform Hollister brings to the LA Sheriff’s Department. Bishop’s character broke boundaries as the first non-binary character on network television. 

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