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From in-demand to in-the-jail-cell, here's why Gary Busey's net worth might take a nosedive in light of recent sexual misconduct charges.

Will Gary Busey lose his net worth after sex crime charges?

Once upon a time, Garey Busey was everyone’s favorite weird uncle. He made random appearances, did strange things, and generally off the most chaotic vibes. In many ways, Busey was a real-life Uncle Fester. It was almost enough to revive his acting career and return his net worth to its former glory.

Like many things that shine, though, his fun personality wasn’t all it seemed to be. While the world was laughing at his antics, he was committing real crimes. This predatory behavior happening behind the scenes recently found its way to the forefront with the newest charges against him.

The 80s saw Busey as a newcomer making his way onto the scene. The 90s saw him rise to fame in a wide variety of roles. The 2000s saw his professional choices swerve from C-list & D-list movies to reality TV. Will this be the era that Hollywood says its final goodbye to Busey altogether?

net worth gary busey

Serious actor

Contrary to popular belief, Gary Busey hasn’t always been the butt of the joke. He was once lauded as a prominent professional in the entertainment industry. At one point, he had a net worth of $1 million. Yet, it should’ve been higher considering how much he’s gotten in the past forty years.

In 1987, Busey worked alongside Danny Glover & Mel Gibson in the action hit Lethal Weapon. It was a departure from his performance as Buddy in The Buddy Holly Story, but no less of a hit. It was only the beginning of a long illustrious career in movies.

However, it was the 90s when he saw a string of hits that put him on the map as a true movie star. In 1993, he starred in The Firm along with Tom Cruise who was also gaining traction as a movie star. In 1998, he made a short but memorable appearance in Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, what goes up must come down – even a shining star.

net worth gary busey

Going left

On December 4th, 1988 Gary Busey was in a terrible motorcycle accident. His lack of a helmet left him with severe injuries, including a fractured skull & permanent brain damage. Many cite this incident as the catalyst for later strange behavior that left his net worth in shambles.

By the 2000s, Busey was still a working actor. He just wasn’t making the same types of movies. Gone was Busey working alongside prominent creators and starring in A-list movies. His career had shifted to projects like The Gingerdead Man, Piranha 3DD, and Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens.

Someone even had the brilliant idea to have Busey star in the reality TV show I’m with Busey. It was sort of like a talk show. Instead of Busey doing interviews, though, hapless celebrities followed him around random locations as he dispensed what he called “life advice.”

net worth gary busey

Reality star

In fact, one might even say Gary Busey saw both a career & net worth revival from reality TV shows. Fans thought he was really getting his life together when he appeared in Celebrity Fit Club in 2005. His appearance on Celebrity Paranormal Project in 2006 said otherwise.

Rehab with Dr. Drew focused on helping celebrities through the process of dealing with substance use issues. Busey’s appearance once again promised he’d be getting back on the straight & narrow. Rather than bringing him back as a star, it just brought back all the reasons people had stopped taking him seriously in the first place.

By 2015, Busey had made two appearances on The Apprentice and one on Dancing with the Stars. He was no longer someone fans didn’t take seriously. They were actively laughing at him and his increasingly unhinged appearance. That didn’t stop him from appearing in the headlines.

net worth gary busey

Criminal activity

Gary Busey’s net worth took its biggest hits in 2012 when he filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. He claimed he was more than $500,000 in debt. It’s probably why he made an appearance at the horror film convention, Monster-Mania. It doesn’t, however, account for his gross behavior.

Several attendees made formal complaints about Busey’s conduct. On Friday that started the weekend, the seventy-eight-year-old was just another celebrity guest. By the next Friday, though, New Jersey police were charging him with multiple accounts of sexual misconduct.

As much as people tend to laugh off Busey’s hijinks, these recent charges are depressing how they surprise no one. He was a prominent actor whose rising star fell into a pit of bad movies & odd public behavior. Many will never know him in his prime, but at least we’ll always have proof that it existed in the first place.

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