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Fraud symptoms: Did Twitter and the U.S. govt. collude on COVID-19?

At this point we know twitter is our frenemy. Our friend because it provides more freedom of speech in personal terms as well as explicit content. Yet, this platform is also an enemy due to the structural censorship related to political situations. The exposure of the twitter files has done their job well but besides the Arab accounts and Musk, did twitter collude on Covid-19?

We know that twitter, the U.S. government and the FBI share BFF bracelets, but did they shared masks too? Did they go to get their vaccine doses together or on the contrary? We know these three girls have worked together before, but did they manage Covid-19?  It looks like we need to take a deep analysis of these particular symptoms that look way different to loss of smell. 

After all, Doctor Anthony Fauci was surely not the only one benefiting from Covid-19. But which are the symptoms of fraud? It’s a fact that Twitter executives did not fulfill Joe Biden’s team wishes, but they did suppress views, particularly  from doctors & scientists. Having a pandemic as background music of one of America’s most determinant elections was a double edged sword, here’s why. 

The conspiracy theorists were right all along: The FBI has been controlling parts of Twitter for years.

Twitter & Covid-19 

As we’ve mentioned before, Twitter is such an important & controversial platform due to its political weight. Remember that there’s not an essential truth, but the one we personally & collectively weave, even science has a bias, Twitter will not be the exception. It’s been reported that the platform did interfere with discussions about Covid-19 by censoring information.

But was Twitter hiding? Apparently the censored information had to do with any facts  that would contradict the U.S. consecutive administrations. The platform also suppressed experts that would  disagree with official positions, all these under orders of the U.S. government. The truth is this happens all the time and not only with twitter and social networks, all allowed content  is a soft power weapon. 

Which information is elevated and which is suppressed, that’s always a decision from someone in a high chair. The way covid-19 was medically managed was only a symptom from this strategy, yet, let’s keep in mind that this happens all the time, particularly with health. Ask yourself which substances are allowed and why, who benefits from it, there’s an answer. 

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Lie Symptoms 

The so-called Twitter Files have a lot to say regarding this virus. In case you don’t know what the Twitter Files are, they refer to a series of documents that were exposed by David Zweig, Free Press reporter. Thanks to these documents we’ve been able to understand how this platform works in political terms and the way it has used its power to censor and allow.

The files exposed the administrations of former President Donald Trump as well as incumbent Joe Biden.”Directly pressured Twitter executives to moderate the platform’s pandemic content according to their wishes.” Regarding Trump’s administration, the platform voiced concern related to actions like  panic buying. 

According to Zweig “They came looking for ‘help from the tech companies to combat misinformation’ about ‘runs on grocery stores.’ But . . . there were grocery stores.” On the other hand, the Biden administration’s first requests to Twitter executives had to do with “anti-vaxxer accounts,”. In 2021, Biden’s team said media companies were killing people due to misinformation around vaccines. 

Remember how Biden first claimed he would never make vaccines mandatory during his campaign and then you weren’t able to access any place without one? Voices like Martin Kulldorff who is an epidemiologist at Harvard Medical School, were silenced. Kulldorf said through a tweet that vaccines were important for high-risk people, those previously infected as well as children do not need them.


It looks like there are Covid-19 symptoms no vaccine or mask could possibly fight, but a hipper critical view on the political interests behind our healths. 

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