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Here’s a look at the 'Fraggle Rock' characters and how they stay connected in the 'Fraggle Rock' caves through music and friendship.

‘Fraggle Rock’ is back! Here’s the scoop on the characters

It’s good to know out of the boredom & restlessness of quarantine come creative projects to lift our spirits. Apple TV has taken that old childhood classic we know and love, Fraggle Rock, and revamped it with new stories and new themes that address the social-distancing efforts going on today. 

Fraggle Rock: Rock On! is filmed entirely on iPhone 11s (a.k.a Doozertubes) and inside the individual homes of the production unit and individual artists. The new show brings back familiar Fraggle and Doozer characters and even reprises some of the classic songs. 

Here’s a look at the Fraggle Rock characters and how they stay connected in the Fraggle Rock caves through music and friendship. 

Gobo Fraggle 

As the unofficial leader of the Fraggle five, Gobo (voiced by John Tartaglia) is the most level-headed of the bunch. In the first episode of Fraggle Rock: Rock On!, Gobo breaks out his gourd guitar and encourages the Fraggles to join in a song over the Doozertubes. 

The Fraggles may not be all together but they can use the Doozertubes to stay connected even when they’re apart.

Mokey Fraggle 

Mokey (voiced by Donna Kimball) is the artistic one of the group and is always happiest when singing songs or writing poetry. She is enchanted by the Doozertubes and can’t wait to sing a song with her friends in the Fraggle Rock caves. 

Wembley Fraggle

The youngest member of the Fraggle Five, Wembley (voiced by Frankie Cordero) is also the kindest and most thoughtful. He is excited to see his friends over the Doozertubes even though he can’t quite work out how to use them at first. 

When he does figure out the new technology he chooses his Doozertube based on how “radish-y” it smells. 

Red Fraggle 

The loud, boisterous Red (voiced by Karen Prell) makes her presence known by howling into her Doozertube, surprising Gobo and Mokey. Red is a little skeptical of the Doozertube and can’t see how it will help but when the Fraggle characters start singing Red sees that the Doozertube really makes it seem like the five are all singing in the same cave. 

Boober Fraggle

In his usual cloud of worry and apprehension, Boober (voiced by Dave Goelz) doesn’t like the new Doozertube at all, in fact, he’s downright terrified of it. The other Fraggles convince Boober to use the Doozertube in a song and by the time they have finished the melody, Boober has a change of heart and grows to like his Doozertube. 

Uncle Traveling Matt

Always on the go, Uncle Traveling Matt (voiced by Dave Goelz) is Gobo’s uncle and he explores Outer Space (a.k.a the human world). Uncle Traveling Matt makes his first appearance in the second episode where he explores the caves of the Silly Creatures (a.k.a humans). 

The rather overconfident Uncle Traveling Matt also makes the mistake of thinking his Doozertube is a radish but learns his lesson when he tries to take a bite. 

Frankie Cordero

Make sure to look for a five-minute mini-episode of Fraggle Rock: Rock On! on Apple TV every Tuesday.

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