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Filmography: Will Ezra Miller return to ‘The Flash’?

How do controversies affect a superhero’s future? Let’s dive into the story of The Flash and its lead actor, Ezra Miller, who despite recent controversies, might still don the superhero cape in a potential sequel. 

The Flash director, Andy Muschietti, sees no one but Miller bringing to life this unique version of the iconic DC superhero. In a recent preview of The Discourse podcast on The Playlist, he firmly expressed his wish to collaborate again with Miller if a sequel materializes. Yet, Miller’s personal troubles cast a looming shadow over the future of the character.

What does this mean for the actor’s filmography and what will become of the studio facing so much backlash for insulating abusers? Let’s take a look.

The director’s view

Early this year, Miller received probation over a home break-in and theft incident. Their 2022 was riddled with arrests in Hawaii on charges including disorderly conduct and harassment at a karaoke bar. In the midst of these events, Miller, who identifies as nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns, announced their struggle with “complex mental health issues” and steps taken towards recovery.

Barbara Muschietti, Andy’s sister and producing partner, extolled Miller’s commitment and professionalism during the principal photography phase. In her words, Miller was “absolutely supreme,” devoting their physical, creative, and emotional energy into their role.

Abuse or excuse?

However, Miller’s continuation in the franchise remains a matter of speculation. James Gunn, co-CEO of DC Studios, remained noncommittal about Miller’s future. His statement, “We’re just gonna have to wait and see,” could well imply that the decision will hinge on the film’s success and Miller’s public perception.

Criticism on Warner Bros., the film’s distributor, for protecting Miller didn’t take long to surface. Actor Issa Rae questioned the company’s commitment to saving the movie and Miller despite the actor’s repeated offenses. Her own filmography speaks to the conviction that abuse must never remain in the shadows.

In light of these escalating legal issues, Warner Bros. was once rumoured to have considered shelving The Flash. However, Barbara Muschietti dismissed the cancellation fears as unreal in an interview with EW. The siblings expressed their empathy for Miller’s situation and applauded their steps towards recovery.

Hopeful future?

Miller’s tumultuous journey saw multiple arrests and accusations in 2022. Amid these, they acknowledged their “complex mental health issues” and declared their commitment to ongoing treatment. Miller, the titular hero of The Flash, issued an apology to all upset by their past behavior and expressed determination to return to a “healthy, safe, and productive stage” in life.

The Muschiettis previously expressed their support for Miller’s recovery at a press conference in Los Angeles. Despite Miller’s challenges, they reiterated their hope for Miller’s recovery and return to a better state of wellbeing.

With the theatrical release of The Flash scheduled for June 16, the question remains: Will the movie’s box office performance warrant a sequel? And if it does, will Miller reprise their role, as Andy Muschietti hopes? Will this movie get released but become a dark spot in the actor’s filmography? As the saga continues, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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