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Conspiracy theory of the day: Former associate of Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Christine Grady, wife of physician Anthony Fauci, are sisters.

Is Dr. Anthony Fauci’s wife related to Ghislaine Maxwell?

The internet once again spun a wild web of conspiracy and popped out this little gem: That the former associate of Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, & Christine Grady, wife of physician Anthony Fauci, are sisters. 

If you’re wondering how far you’d have to leap to get from one end of that theory to the other, the answer is less far than you had previously thought. Nevertheless, the theory that was originally posted on Facebook is categorically false. So, how did this lie even take shape? Here are the details on the wild misconception Christine Grady is Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister.

Where it all started 

After Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest in early July, a post appeared on Facebook expressing outrage that Maxwell is the sister of Christine Grady. Similar posts on Twitter then popped up, claiming Christine Grady had changed her name eleven years ago. 

The tweets gained traction when a pro-Trump former congressional candidate and QAnon supporter, DeAnna Lorraine, retweeted one of the posts on July 6. Later Lorraine deleted the tweet from her page and issued an apology stating, “True news is extremely important to me and I want to make sure something is 150% true and fact checked before posting it. I’m getting different facts on the story about Fauci.”

The idea Christine Grady could be Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister stems from the fact Ghislaine, who comes from a large family of nine siblings, has older twin sisters named Christine & Isabel. Along with the same first name, Christine Maxwell & Christine Grady have similar features, both cut their hair short, and are roughly the same age.

Who is Christine Grady? 

Beyond these few coincidences, Grady & Maxwell have nothing else in common. Christine Grady, for instance, was born & raised in Livingston, New Jersey and was born to John H. Grady Jr. & Barbara Grady on February 7, 1952. Christine Grady went on to ultimately earn a PhD in bioethics & philosophy from Georgetown in 1993 and she also has a Masters in nursing, a field she has worked in most of her life.

Grady has also worked in clinical research and specialized in HIV studies. In 1985 Christine Grady met Dr. Anthony Fauci, an immunologist & physician who is currently one of the lead members of the Trump administration’s White House coronavirus taskforce. Grady & Fauci are married, and they have three daughters together. 

Who is Christine Maxwell?

Christine Maxwell meanwhile was born Maisons Laffitte, France on August 15, 1950 to Robert & Elisabeth Maxwell. Maxwell is a British citizen. Christine Maxwell then graduated from Pitzer College in 1972 with a BA in Latin American Studies & Sociology and later earned a Master’s in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Texas at Dallas. 

She worked in many fields over the years, including her father’s publishing company, as a middle-school teacher in Oxford, England, and as an author writing books meant to help children with learning disabilities such as dyslexia. Maxwell is the creator & co-founder of Magellan, one of the first professionally curated search & reference guides for the internet. 

In 1986, Maxwell married physicist & educator Roger Malina. The two married and had three children, two sons & a daughter. 

The cost of misinformation

While both Christine Grady & Christine Maxwell have led lives that might seem quite similar as they are both highly educated, capable women with families, that doesn’t mean there’s any conspiracy lurking behind their lives. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci is no stranger to false claims about himself & his affiliates. As Fauci remains in the spotlight as the top infectious disease expert in the US in his role in the White House task force, many fake stories about the doctor have surfaced. 

The need to double check facts & stories is more present than ever as we live in an age where information is readily available at a constant rate. Potentially damaging reports like this false accusation concerning Christine Grady are just one way ignorance & misinformation can poison the proverbial well.

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  • Hmmm

    So just out of idle curiosity, what is Christine Fauci’s mother’s maiden name and what was her citizenship at the time of Christine’s birth?

    This entire incident stinks of a strawman scheme to deflect attention away from the painfully obvious connections between evil treasonous zio-fascists like billy gates that are the key perpetrators of the COVID-19 false flag and a whole gaggle of other equally evil and foul zio-fascist terrorists that are slowly coming to light. You know, monsters like fauci , Epstein and Maxwell that all share a common connection: ISRAEL.

    As for Dr. Fauci, no one on the planet earth is guilty of spreading more damning, dangerous and deadly misinformation and lies than he has in the last 2 years. And without question history will record that Epstein and Maxwell are 2 of the worst traitors in US history given that their blackmailing schemes were done to serve israel. Oh well, like father, like daughter…

    When point is clear after reading your little diatribe, when it comes to misinformation/omission, you’re no slouch yourself Sara… So give yourself a nice round of applause.

    PS: Again out of idle curiosity, have you raised the same concerns about all the misinformation, omissions and outright lies published about say RittenHouse by literally the entire MSM and the entire left wing in the US (minus Tucker Carlson on FOX)

    December 19, 2021

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