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Exploring the quilting world in Texas

The quilting community in the Dallas area of Texas is a vibrant and diverse group, marked by a shared passion for the craft of quilting. This community encompasses a range of quilting enthusiasts, from beginners to highly skilled artisans, and is supported by various local quilting guilds and clubs that offer members opportunities for learning, sharing, and showcasing their work. 

Dallas-area quilters often gather for workshops, classes, and social events at local fabric and craft stores, community centers, and even in private homes, fostering a sense of camaraderie and mutual support. Additionally, the region hosts several quilt shows and competitions throughout the year, providing quilters with the chance to exhibit their creations, gain inspiration, and connect with fellow enthusiasts. These events not only highlight the artistic and technical excellence within the community but also serve to celebrate the rich cultural heritage and contemporary creativity of quilting in Texas.

“The quilting community in Texas is one that is constantly growing. In Dallas in particular, it is vibrant and bustling, with many people of all ages getting involved in the craft and the community. I would describe it as being a community that is especially friendly and welcoming, so regardless of where you are as a quilter, you will be welcomed with open arms. I think the Texas quilting community is great at embracing beginner quilters, and the overall artistic culture of the community is one that is modern with a bit of a traditional twist,” shares Corey Pearson, VP of Customer Success at Linda’s Electric Quilters.

Rural communities in Texas looking to find or engage with a quilting community have a variety of options through which they can connect with fellow enthusiasts. Statewide organizations such as the Texas Quilt Museum in La Grange offer resources and events that attract quilters from all over, including rural areas. Additionally, the Texas Association of Quilt Guilds provides a directory of quilt guilds across the state, making it easier for individuals in rural communities to find a group nearby. 

These guilds often host meetings, workshops, and quilting bees, creating a welcoming environment for quilters of all skill levels. Annual events, such as the Houston International Quilt Festival, the largest quilt show in the U.S., and regional quilt shows like those in Kerrville and Tyler, offer fantastic opportunities for rural Texans to immerse themselves in the wider quilting community. Participation in these events allows for the discovery of new techniques, trends, and the formation of lasting friendships within the quilting world. Social media platforms and online forums also play a significant role, enabling rural quilters to stay connected, share their projects, and learn from others despite geographical distances.

Pearson continues, “The best way for rural communities to find a quilting community these days is to hop online. I think Youtube is a great starting point for anyone, but especially people who may be geographically far away from other quilting communities. Now, you don’t need to find the art of quilting by driving hours each way. There are hundreds of creators and tutorials online that can help you find exactly what you are looking for. As far as local communities, many quilt guilds offer virtual attendance for those that are located in rural areas or those that are homebound.”

Pearson goes on to offer some tips you have for Texans looking to start quilting. 

“First things first, I would check out your local quilt store. As a small business owner, I always advocate for choosing to shop small first. If you don’t have a local quilt store, there are still so many amazing resources online, including our store,” Pearson exclaims. “A great quilt to get started with is a Jelly Roll race quilt. It’s great for beginners to give piecing a whirl. I have a Youtube video you can check out as well, which tells you everything you need to know to get started on your first quilt top!”

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