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Everything we know about Ryan Murphy’s ‘The Politician’ & Trailer

What’s not to love about the juggernaut that is Ryan Murphy? The man that brought us Glee, American Horror Story, and our favorite show of all time, Pose, back now for its second season. 

For the first show in his groundbreaking new Netflix deal, Murphy’s handling a truly terrifying topic: politics. That’s really saying something for the man whose regular Tuesday evening involved dreaming up bloodthirsty countesses and psychotic clowns.

Politics being such a heated and controversial topic to discuss, Ryan Murphy has decided not just to leave us with AHS: Cult, but give us a whole new Netflix Originals series called The Politician. When it comes to terrifying his audience, Murphy has it covered. They say truth is stranger than fiction; maybe The Politician, with its narrative rooted in reality, will be his most horrifying piece yet.

The Politician will be the first of Ryan Murphy’s (incredibly profitable) exclusive Netflix deal, so all eyes are on the new show. Will audiences love it enough to reelect, or will they be screaming for Netflix to impeach Murphy?

As usual with Murphy vehicles, The Politician will be discussing hot topics such as class and privilege. So cast your ballots, make your donations, and get on that campaign trail – here’s everything we know so far about The Politician.

What is The Politician all about?

The show centers around young Payton Hobart, a student determined to be President of the United States. Before he can become the President, he must learn how to take over one of the most dangerous landmines known to everyone: high school! Payton is setting out to be elected class president and secure a place at Harvard University.

Murphy has already taken us on a trip through the dangers of high school with Glee, and college with Scream Queens. Looking at the impressive resumes of some members of the cast, a musical episode may just lurk on the horizon. The Politician’s dark comedy could be exactly what everyone needs right now, and Murphy’s ability to make us laugh and shiver in fear means we’re in for a treat. 

Who is the team bringin’ the magic to The Politician?

At the forefront of The Politician is none other than Ryan Murphy himself. He’s best known for bringing the twisted world of American Horror Story to our screens, in addition to creating Glee

Murphy’s also serving as executive producer, sometime director, and sometime writer on Pose, which we believe is the most important TV show of the last century. He is widely recognized and celebrated within the industry, so everyone knows The Politician is one to watch.

Also at the helm are Murphy’s longtime collaborators Brad Falchuck and Ian Brennan. Having worked on AHS and Glee together, they have an amazing track record that will hopefully make The Politician another big TV success.

Who will be the stars of The Politician?

First and foremost, Broadway star and Tony winner (for Dear Evan Hansen) Ben Platt is on as Payton. Some also may know Platt from the films Pitch Perfect as sweet and loveable Benji. Payton is a grade-obsessed high school student, so it will be interesting to see if his extracurriculars involve magic and acapella in The Politician.

Brad Falchuck’s more famous wife Gywneth Paltrow stars alongside Platt in The Politician as Payton’s adopted mother Georgina. Her character is an upper-class lady with lines like, “This negative energy is not good for your father’s healing.” It sounds just like something Paltrow’s lifestyle magazine IRL, Goop, would spout.

Other The Politician stars include Jessica Lange (American Horror Story), Zoey Dutch (Set it Up), Lucy Boynton (Bohemian Rhapsody); Bette Midler (Beaches, duh!) may even possibly grace some scenes later in The Politician’s freshman season. This cast is to die for so let’s hope that the show’s writing reflects the amazing cast.

When and where can we watch The Politician?

The Politician will be on Netflix, set to air September 27th. We’ll let you know the scoop as soon as we learn more.

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