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There is little, but enough evidence to think that Bill Clinton's relationship with Jeffrey Epstein went past business affairs. These photos prove it.

Do these photos prove Bill Clinton visited Jeffrey Epstein’s island?

When it comes to the iconic Jeffrey Epstein case, the former president Donald Trump is often mentioned as possibly having been involved in the scandal. But how do we feel about Bill Clinton? Many of us can easily reminiscence the ‘90s’ political sex scandal involving former President Clinton and twenty-two-year-old White House intern Monica Lewinsky took place in 1998. 

According to sources, their sexual relationship lasted between 1995 and 1997. Now photos are allegedly showing Bill Clinton receiving a message from a Jeffrey Epstein accuser. No one would find it difficult to believe that Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein had some kind of relationship but just how much is fact and fiction?

We’ll talk about the two pictures showing Davies who was twenty-two at the time, giving Bill Clinton a neck massage while he’s sitting in what appears to be an airport lounge chair. 

According to the Daily Mail, “. . . alleged Epstein recruiter Ghislaine Maxwell –  currently being held in a Brooklyn jail on federal sex trafficking and perjury charges – insisted that Davies give Clinton the message after his neck became stiff from a flight on Epstein’s private jet, since nicknamed the Lolita Express.” (We’ll explain “Lolita” later.) What happened between Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton?


Taking a brief break from discussing Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton, Lolita is perhaps considered one of the greatest novels of all time. But it’s definitely one of the most controversial. 

Lolita is a 1955 novel composed by Russian-American novelist Vladimir Nabokov. See, the main character is a French middle-aged literature professor going by the pseudonym Humbert Humbert who’s obsessed with an American twelve-year-old girl, Dolores Haze. Humbert even goes so far as to sexually molest her after becoming her stepfather. “Lolita” is merely a private nickname for Dolores. 

Yes, Lolita is a diary of a pedophile. Now back to the case of Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein!

A Tweet

How many lives have been impacted by Twitter? Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a link to the Daily Mail article, suggesting that Clinton brought it up during his Tuesday DNC speech. “It would be a lot more interesting then garbage we saw last night.” His father, former President Donald Trump is also known to have once been friendly with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. 

Following Epstein’s 2019 arrest, however, Trump claimed to have not spoken to Epstein in over a decade. 

Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein

Last year, the New York Times reported on a 2002 Africa flight made by Bill Clinton to talk about the economic development on the continent, alongside the battle against HIV and AIDS. Comedian and actor Chris Tucker and Kevin Spacey were also present for the ride. 

A Clinton Foundation spokesperson informed the Times that the former president Bill Clinton took four trips on Epstein’s plane, all were in close connection with his nonprofit work. Records (though unverified) suggest Bill Clinton has flown no less than twenty-six times on Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane, says the Times

There isn’t a whole bunch of intel regarding the relationship between Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein but there’s enough to suggest that there was one and perhaps it went past business affairs – meaning if Clinton and Epstein were friends, how much of Epstein’s actions was Clinton aware of (if any). 


Davies has accused Jeffrey Epstein of sexual assault and abuse, having been one of his alleged victims to speak out in court following his suicide in August of 2019. Ghislaine Maxwell faces charges of enticing and transporting minors which were a part of Epstein’s alleged sex ring and committing perjury amid 2016 depositions in a defamation case brought against her by another alleged victim, Virginia Roberts. 

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