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Summer is the time to be outside for sunny weather & fun physical activities. Here are some entertaining yet concerning game shows to watch.

Dumb game shows: All the ones we can’t manage to look away from

Summer is the time to be outside for sunny weather & fun physical activities. That’s easier said than done in the summer of 2020 so we’re grateful that TV networks have a few dumb game shows lined up for the summer months for us live through vicariously. 

Coming to our televisions are some game shows that test mental agility, physical prowess, and just how long you can stand being stuck in a room with a bunch of people (a true trial of stamina). A ridiculous game show is just what we need right now to help us wind down and vent our frustrations on some pre-taped buffoonery instead of each other. Get ready to roll your eyes & smirk at these dumb summer game shows. 

Holey Moley

It’s back folks for the second season, Holey Moley, the game show that pits miniature golf enthusiasts against each other on a massive miniature golf obstacle course. Contestants risk bodily harm for the chance to win a plaid jacket (and also $25,000 but we all know the jacket is the real prize). 

Holey Moley has some truly outrageous mini golf holes as well as participation from basketball star and one of the show’s executive producers, Steph Curry. Tune into Holey Moley Thursday nights on ABC. 

Ultimate Tag

This isn’t your playground game of tag, Ultimate Tag features players hurtling through insane obstacle courses to outrun “professional taggers” set to catch them. It’s a rush of adrenaline mixed with the suspense of the chase and the whole show is hosted by JJ, TJ, and Derek Watt. 

Ultimate Tag is for anyone who likes the high stakes & physical endurance of American Gladiators or American Ninja Warrior. Look for the first four episodes of Ultimate Tag on the Fox website. 

To Tell the Truth

To Tell the Truth returns for the fifth season of its revival from the 1950s original game show. Host Anthony Anderson introduces three people to the four celebrity panelists whose task is to weed out which person Anderson is describing. 

To Tell the Truth includes some brilliant celebrity panelists from Mel Brooks to Alex Trebek to Tracee Ellis Ross. If you’re hoping to catch some episodes look out for To Tell the Truth Thursdays on ABC. 

Game On!

Hosted by Keegan-Michael Key, this out-of-the-box game show pits celebrities like comedian Bobby Lee and tennis superstar Venus Williams against each other in over-the-top physical challenges. 

The celebrities on Game On! also have to brush up on their sports trivia and the more obscure the better. If you’re looking to join in on this raucous ride, Game On! is available to watch Wednesdays on CBS. 


Don’t is a game show hosted by Adam Scott and created by executive producer, Ryan Reynolds. The concept of the show is simple: don’t do what Adam tells you to not do. The challenges include don’t blink, don’t get tired, don’t drink as the contestants are bombarded by obstacles that make not doing something nearly impossible. 

Don’t blends together humor and tricky challenges for some interesting entertainment. If Don’t sounds like the game show for you look for episodes Thursday nights on ABC. 

Celebrity Escape Room

Though it only premiered as a one-time special, Celebrity Escape Room brought together Lisa Kudrow, Ben Stiller, Courtney Cox, and Adam Scott in an escape room challenge. The celebrities, directed by the hilarious commentary of Jack Black, are forced to solve a series of puzzles to escape a confining room all to benefit Red Nose Day. To watch the special look for Celebrity Escape room on NBC’s Youtube channel.

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  • The most stupid game shows are the ones that don’t require and thinking or knowledge. Deal or no Deal– Card Sharks- Whammy– and many more that are too stupid to watch or even warrant me to be knowledgeable of them.

    March 18, 2021

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