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Josh Duggar has been released on bail. Learn more about the latest news in the Duggar child pornography case.

Shamed reality star released on bail: Where’s Josh Duggar now?

Remember the Duggars? Are they still on TV anymore? Either way, the family was infamous for having 20 plus children due to not believing in birth control for religious reasons. And people, for some reason, decided that this was choice reality TV television before it was cancelled. Now Josh Duggar, creep of the highest order that he is, is back in the hot seat on child porn charges.

Where’s Josh Duggar now? Well, he’s not in jail waiting for trial as he should be. Instead, he has been released on bail. The charges of child pornography are only the latest of creepy behavior that the eldest Duggar has shown over the years. In May 2015, news broke that he molested multiple underage girls, including his sisters, which has been confirmed.

Though, as far as we can see, Josh Duggar served no jail time for these crimes. Instead, he lost his job and 19 Kids and Counting was cancelled amidst the controversy. Now, with some serious charges of child porn staring down at him, Josh Duggar will hopefully be thrown away into prison to rot where child abusers more than deserve to end up. Of course, now that Josh Duggar has been released on bail, where is he at the present time?

Where’s Josh Duggar now?

Josh Duggar is currently out on bail & awaiting trial, which is set for July 2021. Due to the nature of his case, the judge could not “in good conscience” release Duggar to the custody of his family or send him home as he has six children with his wife, who is pregnant with their seventh child. Instead, Duggar was released to the custody of family friends, Lacount & Maria Reber. 

Duggar, however, is allowed “unlimited contact” with his children, provided that his wife is there to supervise the visits. He is not, however, permitted to have any contact with minors outside of his children, including his many nieces & nephews. We would cut off all contact with all children given the nature of his crimes & previous history.

The judge said to Duggar, “I recommend that you govern your actions by thinking about where you might go and who you might encounter. You might not ought to go to birthday parties, family dinners, church activities. These things that might risk violating this condition, do you understand?”  Either way, it still feels like Duggar is getting off fairly lightly in the lead up to his trial. 

What’s on Josh Duggar’s computer at the time of his arrest

Josh Duggar was arrested in April on charges of receiving & possessing child pornography. According to prosecutors, they allege that Duggar downloaded explicit images of children, some younger than 12, being sexually abused. In a hearing on Wednesday, prosecutors said that Duggar had more than 200 images of children on his computer at the time of his arrest.

He pled not guilty to the charges, of course. According to officials, Josh Duggar’s computer had software that would report porn usage to his wife, Anna. The program called Covenant Eyes is an internet monitoring software that, according to People, is an “‘accountability software’ that is meant to protect users from objectionable content and help monitor the screen activity of those with porn addictions”. 

The software reportedly also captures screenshots of the pornographic images. So did Josh Duggar’s wife know about his internet usage? Short answer is no. He installed a password protected network on his computer, which is how he, allegedly, accessed the child porn sites. One of the files was described by an investigator as “in the top five of the worst of the worst that I’ve ever had to examine.”

Do you think Josh Duggar should have been released on bail? What do you think will be next in his case? Let us know in the comments down below. 

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  • he continues to do the same thing over and over ever since he molested his sisters. He will never change. He will probably eventually molest his own children. I cannot fathom that his wife cannot see the reality of this. Is she so brainwashed and obviously has no say so as to her part in the family. His children are the ones that will suffer for what he has done. I hope that this time he finally gets punished with jail time. He isn’t going to stop.

    December 1, 2021

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