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Do you have a sense of humor so dry that people are confused as to whether or not you're mean? Check out these dry humor memes and laugh!

These dry humor memes will have you crying with laughter

Do you have a sense of humor so dry that people are confused as to whether or not you’re an asshole? Or how about it’s so dry that comparisons to deserts have come into play?  Then you need some dry humor memes in your life so you can laugh at the shared struggle from your fellow dry humor users out there. After all, it’s always great to have an understanding of those that have a similar sense of humor to you.

These nine memes will make you chuckle out loud. Maybe you’ll even seen them to your friends so they will stop bothering you about your sense of humor. Not like they have ever done anything remotely dry in their lives. The only one who understands you is that friend with a dark sense of humor. We get it.

Check out these dry humor memes and laugh! 

1. Shout out! 

Ah Napoleon Dynamite, the epitome of dry humor mixed with awkward. It’s like a flashback to our teenage years. 

2. People take stuff too literally

And that’s when the person with dry humor comes in and has to clarify that there are idiots in the world. 

3. The eternal struggle

Dry humor and resting bitch face solidarity is real. (But yes some people are assholes.)

4. Do you want to know what wet humor is?

We do not. Though, if we have to theorize, it’s probably when humor gets messy. Like pies in faces and stuff. 

5. Hail the king

Gordon Ramsay is one of the kings of dry humor but make it loud, like really loud. All hail the king. 

6. Doors

Or you just try pulling the door instead of pushing it. Sometimes doors are like that and we don’t know how to work them. The true enemy of mankind: doors. 

7. There’s a line between dry humor and just being an asshole

And this meme is there to let someone know when they have crossed it. Kermit sipping tea is too powerful an image. 

8. Ah, the best feeling

Yes, you will have to tell them that you’re being sarcastic. Right now though, just bask in the win. 

9. Bring us home, demons

2020 has just reached that point. Let us come home.

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