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Our childhood dreams are forever tarnished. Just how did Nickelodeon star Drake Bell fall so far from grace? It pays to behave, class.

Drake Bell on probation: How did the Nickelodeon star fall from grace?

After pleading guilty to charges a few weeks back related to child endangerment, former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell has now officially been sentenced. The thirty-four-year-old Nickelodeon star has been sentenced to two years probation and must complete over 200 hours of community service. Looks like he could use a “Hug me, Brutha” from Josh Peck right about now. This is truly a sad day for us Nick fans. 

The thirty-four-year-old Drake Bell, who many will remember kicking off his career during the early 2000s on The Amanda Show on Nickelodeon, eventually skyrocketed to fame via this nostalgic kids channel, landing a starring role on the cast of Drake & Josh as well as recurring roles on The Fairly OddParents. Throughout the years, Bell has even performed a number of celebrity shows, such as the diving spectacle Splash

Of course, many will recall how Drake Bell initially plead not guilty to the two charges pinned against him. However, it all makes more sense why Drake Bell was convinced to plead guilty for his crimes by his legal team, given this recent sentencing that spares the former Nickelodeon star from a prison sentence and limited him to only probation as well as community service. When did the fall of Drake Bell exactly take place?

The demise of Drake Bell

Bell appeared a few weeks back in a virtual court hearing which was live-streamed from the local ABC affiliate News 5. “My understanding is there’s been a plea agreement reached where the defendant will plead guilty to count one attempted endangering children, a felony in the fourth degree [and] plead guilty to count two: disseminating matter harmful to juveniles, a misdemeanor the first degree,” the judge began.

He later informed the Nickelodeon star, born Jared Bell, that attempted endangering children carries a sentence of anywhere from six to eighteen months in prison in monthly increments and/or a fine of up to $5,000, though prison time is not certain. The second charge carries up to six months in jail and/or a fine of up to $1,000. So just what became of Drake Bell’s hearing as well as sentencing? Let’s examine. 

His victim speaks out during sentencing

The judge offered the following to Bell during the trial: “However, if you go to prison, upon your release, you could be subjected to a discretionary period of three years post-release control. Post-release control could involve restrictions on your activities,” the judge said. “If you were to violate those restrictions, you can be returned to prison, [for] up to a maximum of one half of your original sentence.”

Bell responded by claiming that he understood the possible penalties, as well as admitting to his committed crimes so that he may be subject to this plea deal. The actor’s sentencing was ultimately scheduled for July 12th, in which it was announced how Bell’s victim would have an opportunity to speak should they choose. So, on July 12th, the victim opted to do just that in Bell’s sentencing. 

“I was definitely one of his biggest fans,” said the nineteen-year-old woman, who allowed her face to appear on Zoom and discussed how Bell began grooming her at the age of twelve. “I would have done anything for him.” The victim also called the former Nickelodeon star a “pedophile”, and talked about how they would share explicit photos online on a regular basis. 

What do you make of this messy situation surrounding former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell? Did you ever watch his shows on Nickelodeon growing up? Are you a fan of his music? How do you feel now that he’s officially been sentenced but managed to avoid prison time? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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