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Dr. Brite offers one of the most effective teeth whitening kits in the world. Learn more about the kit and its benefits here.

Dr. Brite Advance Dual LED Wireless teeth whitening kit

Hi, my name is Kayla. I am a 35 year old married woman. I have been trying to get pregnant for almost 3 years. Last time I went to my OBGYN doctor and she told me something very shocking. She said there are toxic chemicals and hormone disruptors in many daily personal care products that we use including toothpaste, mouthwash and many teeth whitening products. I was horrified. I have been trying to stay healthy by eating clean, hormone free foods. I never knew that what we put in our mouth or on our body could cause harm.

I was on a mission to find better for you personal care products. I found Dr. Brite and after a quick research I found out that the founders are a dentist of over 20 years and a cancer surgeon. This is as legit as it gets for a company that makes oral care products. I was sold.

About Dr. Brite Advance Dual LED Wireless teeth whitening kit:

It whitens after one use without any sensitivity. It’s made by the dentist, medical doctor sister duo to be safe without harsh chemicals and hormone disruptors present in white stripes and other LED whitening kits. Did you know almost all teeth whitening products have Propylene Glycol in them. This ingredient is a very harsh stabilizer that is found in the antifreeze of the cars. Who wants to put that in their mouth?

This kit provides all you need for a safe and effective teeth whitening treatment in the comfort of your home without the pain and sensitivity you may get by using products that have harsh chemicals.

Introducing Dr. Brite’s Teeth Whitening Kit

This wireless kit is SO easy to use. It comes with daytime whitening pens, a nighttime whitening pen and a wireless dual LED light. This formula is revolutionary! All it takes is a few minutes and you instantly see results with NO sensitivity involved. After I’m done using it I just plug it in so that it’s charged for the next use. That way I can get stuff done while I’m whitening my teeth. The case is perfect for traveling and you can just throw it in your bag when you’re on the go! It really is a premium product all around!

Who is Behind Dr. Brite’s Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit Design?

The formula was created by two doctors, who happen to be sisters and mothers! Dr. Pooneh Ramezani is a dentist of over 20 years who cares about providing quality and effective whitening solutions at an affordable price. Co-founder, Dr. Paris Sabo, is a cancer surgeon who made sure the formula included clean ingredients that were safe for all. The whitening kit formula is one of the only systems in the market that does not include toxic chemicals, harmful silicons, artificial colors, sulfates, parabens or animal-derived ingredients. 

Here is How Dr. Brite’s Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit Work

The best part about the Teeth Whitening Kit is that it is SO easy to use. The LED mouthpiece is wireless (and waterproof) which allows me to do practically anything while my teeth are whitening! The LED light has a blue light that speeds up the whitening process and a red light that reduces oral bacteria and inflammation. Most whitening kits, especially whitening strips, make my teeth sensitive but I have ZERO sensitivity with Dr. Brite’s Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit. The proprietary formula includes hydroxyapatite which remineralizes the enamel which protects against sensitivity. I was able to erase stains from juice and coffee in just 30 minutes! 

How Dr. Brite’s Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit Worked on Me?

I had amazing results using this kit! In just a short amount of time I had achieved how white I wanted my teeth to be. This kit did not disappoint! Not only did my teeth get whiter but my oral health overall improved drastically. My teeth were whiter, my bad breath was completely gone, I’ve had no sensitivity and my gums look extremely healthy!

Who Can Try Dr. Brite’s Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit System?

Anyone can try Dr. Brite’s Teeth Whitening System! Not only is it way cheaper than treatments in an actual dental office, it works just as well! It’s even safe for breastfeeding moms to use this kit. It’s perfect for people who want a whiter smile but have sensitive teeth!

Reasons to Buy Dr. Brite’s Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit

I agree with all of the information on Dr. Brite’s site about this kit!

It erases stubborn stains from drinks like wine and coffee in as quick as 30 minutes. The results are astonishing!

The kit was created by doctors so I really trust this brand!

They use only clean ingredients and it’s a vegan formula which I love. 

There are over 200,000 happy customers of the whitening kit!


If all of the various benefits of the kit weren’t enough, you’ll be thrilled to find out that Dr. Bite is offering a staggering 50% discount on the Teeth Whitening Kit today. All you need to do to take advantage of this terrific offer is go to the product page and input the code TEETH50.

Once you take the leap and make this purchase you’ll come to see that there’s no teeth whitening kit quite like Dr. Brite’s. Don’t delay any further, use the promo code and start your journey towards whiter teeth today!

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