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Our teeth are the only bones on our body that spend their entire lives exposed. How can you keep your teeth white like celebs?

How Do Celebrities Keep Their Teeth So White?

Even with all of the advice telling us not to look at magazines and comparing ourselves with the rich and famous, it’s hard not to. With celebrities being in a position to undergo surgeries and minor cosmetic procedures, it can leave us feeling a little sub-par when it comes to our physical appearance, but did you know that there are some techniques that most people can take advantage of to improve certain parts of their body? From diet and exercise, to quick fixes at home – most of us can enhance our appearance with minimal fuss. In this post, we’ll be discussing how to achieve that instantly recognizable celebrity smile, complete with shiny white teeth that captivate everyone’s attention.

Why Do Teeth Stain Over Time?

Our teeth are the only bones on our body that spend their entire lives exposed. Naturally, our bones are a subtle white hue, and as our teeth are covered in enamel for protection, they are actually much lighter naturally. Over time however, they can discolor and this is why so many are trying to find a dentist office in Lake City, Florida – simply to have a specialist suggest what can be done to return them to their usual color.

Many things can affect the condition of our teeth, from lifestyle and hygiene, right through to the foods that we eat and the drinks that we consume. 

Enjoying an Award-Winning Smile

Sometimes, stains are so subtle that they can be treated at home with over-the-counter whitening remedies. Alternatively, some people try to buy toothpaste that includes baking soda, or by adding bicarb to their brushing regime to help to break down stains and discoloration. If you want to take advantage of the options available to celebrities, however, a trip to the dentist might be in order.

What Can a Dentist Do?

As dental experts, your teeth and mouth will be a dentist’s playground. They’ll likely be able to recognize the cause of staining and then propose treatment options. Many celebrities undergo a technique known as UV lightening, whereby their teeth are covered in a soft gel which is then exposed to UV light. The result is a bleached finish, without using bleach (or only using it in very small, safe quantities).

There are a multitude of whitening options provided by dentists, and even in the most extreme of cases where teeth have eroded, there are solutions such as dentures or veneers. The best thing to do to achieve that Hollywood smile is to contact a local dentist and see what they suggest.

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