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Is Diplo queerbaiting us to increase his net worth?

Does a single gay experience make someone gay? What does it take for someone to be considered from a particular sexual orientation? It definitely has to go further than sexual experiences. It’s like all those bisexual people who haven’t had a sexual experience with their own gender, does that make them straight? DJ Diplo is sure not to be gay but has had gay sex. 

Recently the DJ told Emily Ratajkowski in last Tuesday’s episode of her “High Low” podcast that he’s not really into guys. Although he did note, “I’m sure I’ve gotten a blow job from a guy before. . . . For sure. 100 [percent], yeah.” What does that mean? Wasn’t he sober when that happened? Anyway, this has opened quite an interesting and necessary conversation on the internet regarding sexuality. 

Although Diplo is entirely sure to have gotten oral sex from a man he has strongly clarified not to be gay. The DJ also claimed not to be comfortable defining his sexuality, which is somehow contradictory. There are a lot of things to analyze from this situation regarding human sexuality, but also its capitalization. Is it possible for Diplo to be queerbaiting? or worse to increase his net worth?

What’s gay enough? 

“I’ve gotten a lot of blow jobs, but I don’t know,” he said. “I mean, getting a blow job is not that gay, I think.” That’s one of the complex phrases that came out of Diplo’s mouth during Ratajkowski’s podcast. The model was the first to bring up questions regarding sexual orientation which make all sense since it’s a personal podcast and sexuality is currently a topic of interest. 

Apparently, these two have talked about this subject before.“We should talk about what you said to me last night, which is that you’re a little gay,” said the model. Although it was quite brave for Diplo to open up regarding those aspects of his sex life which are socially not quite acceptable yet, the conversation stayed at a very superficial level. 

Some things we would like to remark are that there’s no such thing as gayer sex practice. All kinds of homoerotic interactions can be considered gay sex, yet, we’re socially educated to perceive sex from a reduced perspective that involves penetration necessarily. Also, sexuality is fluid, and what matters the most is the way the person desires, not the amount or the kind of practices they went through.

Is Diplo queerbaiting? 

Let’s take a quick refresher on what queerbaiting means. Each time a celebrity pretends to be queer without truly being just to sell we can call it queerbaiting. Yet it’s way more complex than that because not being clear about sexuality but using queerness to sell while keeping straight privileges is quite shady. This behavior is also quite violent for actual queers. 

Some male figures that have done this are Harry Styles & Timothee Chalamet since they are making money out of a queer aesthetic and fanbase without really being queer. The situation here is that it’s not simply an aesthetic we’re talking about but a political cause for many people to suffer discrimination. Meanwhile, Harry Styles is wearing sparkles and increasing his net worth without going through that violence. 

Honestly, we’re no one to give an opinion on anybody’s sexuality, the only ones with a word there are the parties involved. However, there’s a responsibility that comes when you’re a public figure. No public figure owes any kind of personal information to its fan base, however, if they’re growing their net worths out of a particular identity trade, they should be honest with theirs. 

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