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Quarantine has been dragging all of us down. We’ve gathered our favorite memes about depression to help you through quarantine.

These memes about depression helped us a bit during quarantine

Quarantine has been dragging all of us down. Unfortunately, for those with mental health issues, self-isolation is even worse. Because of this, countless vulnerable people have been falling into old depressive habits. And what’s a better coping mechanism than looking at memes highlighting your depression? Nothing!

We’ve gathered our favorite depression memes to help you through quarantine. Be sure to let us know which is your favorite in the comments below.

Definitely not a cry for help

If you’re struggling, just look at depression memes. It’s easy-peasy!

You don’t want them to worry, do you?

Sometimes it’s just easier to dismiss your feelings to protect those you love. That doesn’t mean it’s the best option, however.

Who knew life would be this hard?

As kids, we were under the impression quicksand would be our biggest obstacle. We didn’t ask for this.

They’re long-time friends at this point

After knowing them for long enough, you can call them by their first names. 

Come on, just be happy

Who knew it was so easy? Just, like, smile or something. What do you mean it doesn’t work like that?

Parents are the worst.

Depression naps = being lazy (according to parents). On the off chance you were given understanding parents, count yourself lucky.

Out-hate the haters

It’s hard to feel hated by others if you hate yourself more than they could ever hate you.

Sometimes you just need noise

Who needs friends when you have Netflix talking to you all day?

Happens to the best of us

Those high expectations from friends, family, and teachers catch up with you eventually.

Parents are the worst pt. 2

This isn’t real, right? Say it with us: “Phones do not cause depression.

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