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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's David Corenswet, the newest addition to the Superman legacy!

Which movies and TV shows prove David Corenswet can do ‘Superman

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s David Corenswet, the newest addition to the Superman legacy! After carving out a name for himself in the Netflix limited series Hollywood, Corenswet’s dream of donning the iconic cape is finally coming true.

The dream

Rewind to 2019, Corenswet confessed to Entertainment Weekly about his “pie-in-the-sky ambition” to play Superman, a wish rooted not only in his undeniable resemblance to Henry Cavill but also in his desire to put a positive, upbeat spin on the character. 

Cavill’s darker interpretation, though appreciated, is starkly different from the sunny version that Corenswet aspired to bring to life. And now, four years later, his vision is becoming a reality.

Fast forward to today, James Gunn, the writer-director of Superman: Legacy, echoes Corenswet’s vision for a brighter, more optimistic Superman. In a world saturated with dark superheroes, Gunn believes the next Superman should embody kindness, compassion, and an air of optimism – traits that Corenswet perfectly exemplifies.

The reality

The role of Superman isn’t just a dream come true for Corenswet, but it also marks the most significant milestone in his acting career. Despite his impressive portfolio, which includes supporting roles in The Politician and Hollywood, and starring in A24’s Pearl opposite Mia Goth, Superman is undoubtedly his biggest role yet.

In this new chapter of Superman’s legacy, Corenswet will be joined by Emmy winner Rachel Brosnahan, known for her spectacular performance in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Brosnahan will be playing Lois Lane in Gunn’s upcoming movie, which focuses on Superman’s struggle to balance his alien heritage with his human upbringing.

Movie lovers, mark your calendars! Superman: Legacy will hit the big screens on July 11, 2025. The news was announced by James Gunn himself on Twitter, adding a personal touch to the release date reveal – it coincidentally falls on his father’s birthday.

Chapter 1

Superman: Legacy will be the first release under what Gunn and co-head of DC Studios, Peter Safran, are calling the DCU’s Chapter One: Gods and Monsters. A string of exciting new releases, including The Batman Part II, The Authority, The Brave and the Bold, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, and Swamp Thing, will follow.

Superman: Legacy will narrate the story of Superman’s journey of balancing his alien origins with his upbringing as Clark Kent in Smallville, Kansas. Guided by human kindness in a world that often sees it as old-fashioned, Superman truly embodies truth, justice, and the American way.

DC Studios officially announced the casting of David Corenswet as the Man of Steel in James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy. Rachel Brosnahan will join him as Lois Lane, stepping into critical roles for the new DC Universe. Gunn confirmed the news on Twitter, describing both actors as not only incredibly talented but also wonderful people.

New era

Amid its well-publicized struggles, including The Flash predicted to be a box office bust, DC Studios is banking on Gunn and Peter Safran to reboot its cinematic universe. Superman: Legacy will play a crucial role in setting the tone for the new DC Universe.

Long before he took to the skies as Superman, Corenswet played Jack Castello, a World War II veteran who dreams of making it big on screen in Netflix’s Hollywood. While Jack is a composite character, Corenswet has once again found himself on the brink of another dream turned reality. Is he ready to take flight and make this role his own? And what new heights will this opportunity take him to?


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