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Behind the TikTok dance craze: Our exclusive interview with Dassy Lee

Dassy Lee is from South Korea and has become a worldwide name for dancers everywhere. She’s known as an elite-popper within the dance scene who competes, performs, teaches, and judges all around the world. Dassy Lee’s most recent conquest was Red Bull’s Dance Your Style TikTok competition, but she’s also known for her performances on So You Think You Can Dance

We got the amazing opportunity to chat with Dassy Lee. Make sure you watch our exclusive interview with the talented South Korean dancer.

Dance, dance, dance

In our interview with Dassy Lee, she describes her experience as a professional dancer and her career. Dassy Lee got into street dance from an early age in South Korea, where the scene was much more developed than the U.S.. Constantly elevating herself, she mastered popping, then got to work expanding her skillset to include locking, hip-hop and house. 

What really skyrocketed Dassy Lee’s career was her appearance on the show, So You Think You Can Dance. She was the first Korean to ever compete on So You Think You Can Dance and eventually joined the viral dance trio Femme Fatale. 

Dassy has participated in a number of campaigns and carries credits such as: Cirque de Soleil, the American Music Awards, and has performed in music videos for Calvin Harris, PARTYNEXTDOOR, and One Republic. She has recently competed in the Red Bull Dance Your Style TikTok competition as a wildcard against the top eight dancers who audition & advance to the Global Final competition that began November 25th.

TikTok battle

Red Bull Dance Your Style has announced a new digital format that transports the energy of a live event where two street stylers battle to wow the crowd to new audiences around the world via TikTok. With COVID-19 posing as a danger to everyone, Red Bull took their competition online and TikTok became their new home.

From hip-hop to popping, house, waacking, Memphis Jookin’, locking, and more, Red Bull Dance Your Style includes a variety of street styles, all of which originated in the U.S. from the streets of beloved cities like New York, Chicago, Memphis, and Atlanta.

Since 2018, Red Bull Dance Your Style has provided a global platform for street dancers from around the world to show off their skill and originality in head-to-head battles across more than 30 countries, with victory decided by audience vote. 

Last year, the Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final, hosted in Paris, France at the historic Grande Halle de La Villette, was the culmination of sixty-five events held across thirty countries throughout the year, where attendees ultimately decided who ruled the dance floor by their votes. Dassy reflects on the competition as a fun time in her career.

The new TikTok version of the competition tested freestyle & musicality skills through unpredictable mainstream tracks ranging from recent global hits to classic beats. The Red Bull Dance Your Style Challenge had the TikTok viewers decide who will rule the dance floor. 

What did you think of Dassy Lee’s exclusive interview? What would you have asked the worldwide famous dancer? Let us know your thoughts below.

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