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You didn’t make these dark jokes, so it’s not your fault for laughing. Here are the dankest comedians who did make these wonderful dark humor jokes.

Our favorite dark humor jokes from the dankest comedians

Dark humor is golden – the more it makes you gawk, the more hilarious it becomes. Sure, these jokes are disgusting, maniacal, dirty, or depressing but they certainly charm us nonetheless. 

Just remember – it’s not your fault you’re laughing at these awfully dark memes. You didn’t make the joke, you’re just an innocent bystander who happens to revel in its evil sentiment. Here are the dankest comedians who did make these wonderful dark humor jokes.  

Frankie Boyle: Mime murderer

Imagine watching a mime perform and suddenly seeing this happen. It would be so confusing! Is that a part of the act? Should we call an ambulance? Okay, we sincerely hope this never happens. But still – wouldn’t that be absolutely amazing? 

Frankie Boyle: Pedophile type

This joke is so twisted it’s impossible not to laugh. It’s so true though – why do pedophiles always look so similar? Do they all try and research what kids are into nowadays? News flash pedos: you’ll never be their “type.” Get out of here. 

Anthony Jesselnik: Necrophiliac boyfriend 

Yikes! We knew you were strange Anthony Jesselnik, but we had no idea you had those kinds of kinks. Also, you’re mostly sad because you can’t have sex with her anymore after violating her corpse?! This joke just gets more outrageous the more you think about it. 

Anthony Jesselnik: Never let him hold your baby

This is one of those jokes you just hate yourself for laughing at. The more horrible and deadly, the more we can’t help but be appalled. 

Doug Stanhope: Your babies, your poetry? No thanks. 

No one can deny some babies are cute and some poems are nice, but how can anyone expect us to like all of them just because they came from you? Sorry – we’re not going to coddle your baby or stroke your ego by pretending you’re a good poet.  

Bill Burr: Marriage survival rates 

Well, when you look at it this way Bill Burr who would get married? That’s a pretty horrible thing to say to your friends when they tell you they’re engaged. We don’t recommend it. Will getting married send you plummeting to your death? Possibly. 

Bill Burr: Don’t follow those dreams! 

What a way to put it Bill Burr. So inspiring. That really puts a damper on such a common quote. Not sure if we’ll ever say that to someone ever again without wondering if they’re a pedophile. 

Jim Jefferies: Gross, gross, gross

Thanks for pointing this out Jim Jefferies! You never really know what it’s like unless you’re there. We advise you try not to think of this the next time you’re dabbling into the dirty side of the internet. 

Jimmy Carr: Never forget 911

If you’ve never put two & two together to see the irony in 9/11 being 911, you’re not alone. Jimmy Carr you’re a comedy genius. 

Joan Rivers: Mother-in-law brawl

Oh, Joan Rivers – we miss you. Rivers always had the best lines that always made you think – wow that’s awful! What a perfect example of her marvelous dark humor. RIP Joan Rivers – and RIP Joan Rivers’s mother-in-law who probably has probably suffered permanent damage to her windpipe. 

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