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Cats! Long worshipped, very independent, but always there in the clutch when you need some kitty loving. Here's our cutest cat videos.

Here are the cutest cat videos to get you through quarantine

Cats! Long worshipped, very independent, sometimes can love and hurt, but always there in the clutch when you need some kitty loving. Long revered by ancient cultures and the internet, cats have been at the forefront of entertainment whether through myths or internet videos. Cat videos are, perhaps, the purest thing on the World Wide Web.

So let’s dig into some cat videos! We’re all stuck in quarantine and need some entertainment. These cute, quick videos will definitely make you smile. Cats being sweet, cats being dumb, and cats being cats, these videos have it all for the cat lover in all of us.

1. DJ Kittenz

If Coachella was happening this year, we would have loved to see these three kittens drop the beat for the audiences. For now, however, it’s time to just groove along at home. 

When you hit that sweet spot from aww

2. Sweet spot

All cats have their sweet spots and they all get weird, but adorable, when you hit them. 

3. No workouts!

Cats have no clue what to do with you at home all the time, but they don’t like it when you bonk them while you’re working out.

4. Exercise time? More like nuzzle time!

Some kitties think that you working out is just a way of playing or getting their attention for cuddles. After all, some workouts are just perfect for that cuddling. 

"So what are you doing during the lockdown?" from aww

5. Game night

Cats can’t go chase after a ribbon all of the time. Sometimes, it’s just a relaxing game of Uno is what you really need, especially with your cat.

The only way to properly move a cat from aww

6. The only proper way to move a cat

Cats were once worshipped by royalty. Clearly, they remember this in their DNA because sometimes you have to treat them as royalty in order to move them.

7. Cat fail

Cats can be very graceful, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t have their issues too. Even their failures are pretty cute all things considered.

8. An IRL copycat

All the cat wants to do is get that “cronch” as well as their human companion. Even if it has to be imaginary.

9. Living the VR life

Even cats can get in on that virtual reality quarantine life that we’re all experiencing right now. 

10. Beating out that quarantine boredom

Don’t have board games or video games to help beat back that boredom? Between you and your cat, you can make your own fun with some ingenuity. 

Relax everything’s gonna be ok from AnimalsBeingBros

11. Kitty paw back rubs

Look, it’s hard to be a cat sometimes. Luckily other cats are usually there to give a hand or paw if you’re in need. 

Mr cat cleaning his duck and keeping him company. from AnimalsBeingBros

12. Cat + duck = SQUEE

What’s cuter than two cat buddies? A cat and a duck who are best friends and who the cat gives tongue baths to! Yes, please.

This cat walks with this elderly woman every day and waits for her to catch up from AnimalsBeingBros

13. Cat keeping the elderly company

Oh, our hearts. Look at how this cat keeps this elderly company on their walks together. Look at how the cat waits for her! It’s so sweet.

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