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Since the 1920s, Rudolph Valentino’s ring has caused its wearers’ luck to run out. Here's a list of cursed Hollywood actors.

Rudolph Valentino’s cursed ring: All the Hollywood actors cursed for life

Since the 1920s, Rudolph Valentino’s ring has caused its wearers’ luck to run out. However, it’s far from the only cursed item in Hollywood. Today, tons of Hollywood actors allegedly have curses of their own. 

According to Anomalien, Valentino’s mysterious ring is believed to have a “malignant curse”. Those that have worn the ring have experienced severe injuries and even suffered tragic deaths. The ring allegedly sent Rudolph Valentino to his grave in 1926 – not to mention the multiple injuries & accidents he suffered in the years before he died. 

Could these curses be linked? We have all the information below!

Rudolph Valentino’s story 

Anomalien reported the Italian actor, Rudolph Valentino died as one of the most famous stars of the early Hollywood era in the 1920s. The silent film era starred Valentino in The Son of the Sheik and other famous films like Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Rudolph Valentino wasn’t always as lucky. He struggled in the beginning of his career in 1912 when he failed as an actor in Paris, France and had to move back home to Italy. Valentino then got a job opportunity in the U.S. on December 23rd, 1913. 

Rudolph Valentino’s bad luck continued before the ring in 1917 as the Italian actor signed with an operetta company which quickly got disbanded in Utah. In 1920, Valentino’s luck turned around and he became super successful. At that time, he stumbled upon the allegedly cursed ring at a San Francisco jewelry store. He wore it in one of his first big hits, The Young Rajah

According to Our Community Now, Valentino found the ring when he hit his prime in his career. The ring was adorned with a tiger’s eye stone, which is said by crystal experts to give the wearer confidence. Rudolph Valentino had a major dive in his career when he took two years off from acting. He only wore the ring again when he starred in The Son of the Sheik

It is said that even the Jeweler warned Rudolph Valentino that the ring suffers with bad energy. Valentino sadly died with the ring at thirty-one-years old from acute appendicitis in 1926. 

Ringing with disaster 

The ring was given to Valentino’s partner Pola Negri who suddenly became ill after receiving it. Negri’s acting career quickly ended and she immediately gave the tiger’s eye ring to the American baritone singer, Russ (Ruggiero) Columbo. 

According to Our Community Now, Russ Columbo was accidently shot in the head by one of his close friends a few days after receiving Rudolph Valentino’s cursed ring. The ring was eventually given to Columbo’s best friend Joe Casino, who placed it into a display case until he felt brave enough to wear it in public. 

He probably shouldn’t have tested his luck. Joe Casino was hit by a car after receiving Valentino’s cursed ring. However, his brother Del Casino took the ring and felt no bad luck of the sort. However, Del’s house was robbed and the thief who stole the ring was immediately shot by the police. Ouch right? 

Our Community Now reported that Del Casino gabe the ring to a film director named Edward Small who gave it to Jack Dunn. Jack Dunn died shortly after receiving the ring by “blood poisoning from tularemia”. 

The ring was sent to a bank vault owned by Del Casino in Los Angeles, but the bank has not been happy as they have been robbed twice and caught on fire since the collection of the ring. According to RIPLEY’S the location of the ring is still unknown. Maybe another Hollywood actor has it? 

George & Christopher Reeves

According to Cheatsheet, George Reeves was the first actor to succumb to the “Superman curse” in the 1950s when he starred in The Adventures of Superman between 1951-1958. The Guardian reported that in June 1959, the Kryptonian actor was found dead in his home. The death of Reeves was reported a suicide after his friends heard a gunshot coming from his bedroom. 

Christopher Reeves became famous after his lead film role as Superman in 1978, 1980, 1983 and his final superhero film Superman IV: The Quest for Peace in 1987. After Reeves’s incredible success he became paralyzed after a “freak accident” after being thrown off a horse in 1995. Christopher Reeves died in 2004 due to heart failure. 

Halle Berry 

CNBC diagnosed Halle Berry’s bad fortune with the “Oscar Curse”. Berry made headlines in Hollywood when she starred in the incredible Spike Lee film Jungle Fever and slayed in her leading role in the film Monster’s Ball. The drama starred Berry alongside Heath Ledger, and Berry won an Oscar for Best Actress. 

Halle Berry may have been the first African American woman to win an Oscar for Best Actress, but then her career took a nosedive. After disastrous roles in the 2003 film Gothika where she was awarded the Razzie Award for Worst Actress. According to trinikid Berry has only starred in fantasy films since her low blow, including the box-office flop Catwoman

Matthew Perry

According to trinikid, Hollywood hasn’t been there for Matthew Perry. The funny Friend’s TV star couldn’t maintain any acting role in Hollywood after the global popularity of his role as Chandler Bing in the 90s series. Perry suffered with addiction and didn’t continue acting after fame & fortune became too much for him. Was a cursed ring to blame? Who knows? 

Kristen Bell

The Hollywood actress Kristen Bell is known for her films When in Rome, Pulse, Fanboys, and Burlesque. The Richest reported the one thing these films have in common is that they were “box-office flops”. Sadly, Bell’s string of flops includes her series Veronica Mars, too – although it got a cult following, it was quickly canceled. 

Currently, Kristen Bell’s fame comes from the Disney franchise Frozen, but she hasn’t physically appeared in any hit Hollywood film since her low blows. However, she found success playing Eleanor Shellstrop in the NBC hit The Good Place

Do you believe in Rudolph Valentino’s cursed ring? Let us know if you believe in these Hollywood curses in the comments below. 

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