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The new 2D animated short film project by Gabriel Bruskoff, 'What We’re Meant For', is our Currently Crowdfunding pick of the day.

Currently Crowdfunding: ‘What We’re Meant For’

Today we’re highlighting the new 2D animated short film project by Gabriel Bruskoff, What We’re Meant For, which is our Currently Crowdfunding pick of the day.

What We’re Meant For is about a 13-year-old girl, Jamie, and her relationship with her dad shortly after her mom died. Each is dealing with the situation in an opposite way: Jamie overcome with emotion and her father emotionally shutting down, resulting in them alienating themselves when they need each other the most.

This story specifically focuses on the moment when all this comes to a head (through the loss of Jamie’s horse, also her best friend), when Jamie and her father must confront their differences and find a healthy way to deal with their demons – otherwise those demons will destroy them.  

The film is a drama with fantasy and thriller elements, the latter of which occur when Jamie (not getting what she needs from her dad) retreats into her depression in an attempt to be with those who care. The film looks at topics like loss, family, and mental health in an honest and authentic way – but it is also uplifting and inspirational, presenting our world as hopeful and worth experiencing, even if it isn’t ideal.  

Beyond the team’s love for filmmaking, animation, and storytelling, they want to make this film because of how powerful the story is – how personal it is to them. Whether it’s losing a loved one, difficulties with family, or dealing with mental health, the issues their film explores have directly affected their lives.

As filmmakers, the team really want to highlight these key ideas:

  • Loss and death are part of life and the best way to deal with this is to make the most of and appreciate the time you have.
  • Family/loved ones are critical to the above, through their love, caring, support, and understanding.
  • Life is amazing and completely worth living, even if it isn’t ideal.

Gabriel Bruskoff  has written and directed over a dozen short films, several of which have screened at festivals across the U.S., including in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Atlantic City.

He is the creator of Movies Under The Surface, a YouTube channel with 17,000+ subscribers, and his nature photography has been featured twice in the Montanha Pico Festival. He has produced and directed videos for Hinduism Today, Career Dreams, and Second Sight Medical Products, and has assistant directed content for Facebook, T-Mobile, and several indie films.

Outside filmmaking, Gabriel has an engineering degree that he does not use and is an avid traveler, having visited 36 countries, 32 US states, having spent an entire year in 2016-2017 traveling the world.

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