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Today we’re highlighting 'Delicious Planet', a children's TV show taking place in an otherworldly realm whose inhabitants have a healthy diet.

Animation of the Day: ‘Delicious Planet’

Today we’re highlighting an exciting new TV concept for children. Delicious Planet is an educational and entertaining TV show. The action takes place in an otherworldly realm whose inhabitants consume homemade food and a healthy diet.

Following the discovery of fast food on Fat Planet, mysterious and unhealthy characters appear on Delicious Planet and go looking for ways to interfere with the healthy inhabitants. Delicious Planet must be saved, so its young characters must constantly battle the unhealthy invaders and guard Delicious Planet’s supply of healthy food.

Through their daily adventures, an attack is discovered by Hammad and Salma, the protagonists whose reality and fantasy intertwine by using their imagination. Heroes Hammad and Salma know the power of the Delicious Planet, and with the help of Commander Carrot they fight to defend it.

Delicious Planet’s story revolves around identifying unhealthy and harmful food and helping children recognize its healthy alternatives in fun and educational episodes.

Delicious Planet was created by CartoonWheels, which specializes in creating animation focusing on ideas and topics relatable to kids. The team working on these projects are highly experienced professionals with previous experience at Pixar. Currently, Delicious Planet is seeking distribution and expansion worldwide.

We sat down with writer Mohammad Alsabah, who holds a Masters degree in education, about the project.

What was the inspiration behind Delicious Planet?

When you see the prevalence of obesity spreading amongst children, which affects their daily lives, it makes you stop and think. By creating Delicious Planet I hope to direct them to change their unhealthy eating habits in a soft and entertaining way.

What other similar projects have you worked on before with such a strong message?

I am working in parallel with another animation series called Time Thief, which will guide kids to use their time productively.

How do you think Delicious Planet will help children manage their diets?

We hope that watching the show will help kids learn healthy alternatives to unhealthy food and enhance the value of healthy food for them.

How do you hope parents use Delicious Planet?

We want parents to watch the series with their children and encourage them to cook together making healthy food in the kitchen.

Do you have franchise ideas for Delicious Planet?

Yes, we aspire to have a range of healthy products and healthy cooking programs to encourage healthy eating.

What other programs is Delicious Planet similar to?

Actually, most programs speaks about the danger of junk food without presenting a solution to the problem so our show is uniquely placed as it’s the only show we know of which deals with the subject in an active way.

When do you hope we can see Delicious Planet? What do you hope children take away from the show after watching it?

We’re hoping people can see the show before the end of the year, and that after seeing the show children will ditch their unhealthy diet habits.

Tell us everything we need to know about the characters in Delicious Planet.

Nine-year-old Hammad is a brave, conscientious, and intelligent boy.

Salma is Hammad’s seven-year-old sister, an observer who has a strong sibling bond.

Commander Carrot is the imaginative commander of Yummy Planet.

The Rabbit is a messenger of Commander Carrot and his right-hand carrot.

The mysterious characters: these three have a special agenda to sabotage Yummy Planet, looking for access to money and fame.

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