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'Coraline' may not be getting a live-action remake any time soon – but we can always dream. We've envisioned the perfect cast for 'Coraline.'

‘Coraline’: Our dream cast for the upcoming live-action version

Before you get all excited, no, Coraline is not getting a live-action remake – as of yet. The writer for the book the film is based on, Neil Gainmen, dispelled those rumors last year. But a live-action reboot to this beloved children’s horror stop-motion animated movie would be fantastic. 

We think this would be a sleeper among all the reboots coming out as of late but would do gangbusters at the box office. While we might not be getting a live-action remake anytime soon, we definitely have thoughts on the film’s perfect cast. 


If Millie Bobby Brown doesn’t come to mind when you think of Coraline then we don’t know what’s wrong with you. She’s definitely embodied some empowering young women in badass roles like Eleven in Stranger Things & Enola Holmes in Enola Holmes.   

Dakota Fanning was fantastic in the role and made it iconic for so many fans. Brown will make it her own while still making it familiar for long time fans. She’s played very bright characters that are also curious – characteristics important for Coraline. Between her roles in Stranger Things & Enola Holmes, she can blend them together for the perfect portrayal. 

Mel Jones / Other Mother / Beldam

For Coraline’s parents, you will need actors who can portray two different versions of themselves, but whoever plays this role also needs to be the scary spider-like antagonist Beldam. Angelina Jolie would be a great choice to take on the film’s most complex role, originally voiced by Teri Hatcher. 

The role’s three characters would make this a challenging role for Jolie. Mel Jones & Beldam would have to be different from each other but still be similar to Other Mother. Jolie’s Maleficent role gives her the range to play the charismatic Other Mother, the scary Beldam, and the strict Mel Jones. Maleficent might not be three different people, she’s a nuanced character with many different sides to her. 

Jolie can rock all three characters and be an excellent villain for Coraline – she’ll be able to frighten & creep us out in this role. 

Charlie Jones / Other Father

Charlie Jones needs an actor that can play a kind of “dad joke” dumb father trying to be cool. Other Father needs someone who can be kind of cool & smart but also a little ditzy. John Hodgman voiced a great Other Father, but Jason Sudeikis is perfect as Coraline’s father. 

Sudeikis’s roles in We’re the Millers & Ted Lasso confirm he can play a dumb father trying to be cool. Jason Sudeikis hasn’t had a role that quite matches Other Father, but it’s definitely in his wheelhouse. Sudeikis would also be a great contrast to Jolie’s characters. 

Wybie Lovat 

Two of Brown’s castmates on Stranger Things could take on Coraline’s friend Wybie Lovat. Robert Bailey Jr was a great voice, but Gaten Matarazzo or Caleb McLaughlin would fit just nicely here. They both play nerdy characters on Stranger Things and fit the mold of Lovat. 


The Cat in the live-action reboot would just be a voice, so why not bring back Keith David, the character’s original voice? We think the voice is just iconic, and you can’t replace it. It has a superb smoothness and fits perfectly into the vibe of Coraline. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.  

We can’t imagine another cast perfect than this. All that’s left is to find a director. We think that Guillermo Del Toro is the ideal candidate. Who do you think would make a great cast? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Honestly not to be rude but I think the the kids are just a little to old. Coraline is a tween so 11 or 12 and doesn’t have any significant features of a 16 year old and isn’t as tall as Millie is so as I do think the rest of the cast is great I do think they should go younger for the kids roles.

    November 15, 2020
  • Yeah, just come out and tell us you love Stranger Things without telling us you love Stranger Things. Don’t worry, we love Stranger Things too! But I have to agree with Puppy that they are waaaay too old.

    July 16, 2023

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