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Mary Fitzgerald and Christine Quinn have gone through numerous changes during the Netflix reality series 'Selling Sunset'. Will they ever make up?

‘Selling Sunset’: Will Mary Fitzgerald and Christine Quinn ever make up?

Mary Fitzgerald and Christine Quinn have gone through numerous changes during the Netflix reality series Selling Sunset. The real estate agents and former best friends have become enemies, criticizing one another and bickering over which gets better treatment from their boss. Will they ever make up?

The cracks in Fitzgerald and Quinn’s relationship first appeared in season 2 of Selling Sunset. Quinn went traveling with her now-husband Christian Richard and failed to contact Fitzgerald while she was gone. She also failed to tell Fitzgerald that she had become engaged.  The lack of communication caused a rift between the friends, but the issue seemed to die down when Quinn apologized for her actions.

Fitzgerald attended Quinn’s season wedding along with the rest of the Selling Sunset cast. She told Women’s Health that the ceremony was “beautiful” and was happy she went. “It was beautiful. It was stunning and it definitely fit her character and her personality very well,” she recounted. “It was, I’m sure, her dream wedding and it was stunning.”

Workplace drama

The happiness was short-lived. Fitzgerald and Quinn’s friendship was damaged further in season 3, when Quinn accused her friend of getting special treatment from boss Jason Oppenheim. Fitzgerald and Oppenheim had dated prior to their stint on Selling Sunset, and Quinn claimed that Fitzgerald’s personal history with the boss was helping her gain access to the firm’s best listings.

Oppenheim denied these allegations during a Good Housekeeping interview. “I don’t give her special treatment,” he asserted. “When it comes to business . . . it’s strictly a response to their production, the amount of money that they bring into the brokerage, their level of experience and expertise, and my level of trust in them.”

Oppenheim’s statement did little to quell Quinn’s frustration. She told Metro that the gender politics in the office led her to consider leaving the series. “All I’m going to say is, it’s hard working for a man,” she explained. “I’m not going to lie, there’s times where [me and the other agents] have definitely thought about doing other things.”

Reality show stress

Quinn partially blamed her falling out with Fitzgerald on the stress that comes with filming a reality show. “I’d be lying if I said the show doesn’t affect our relationships,” she added. “If you asked me a few years ago how it was like to be in the office, I would’ve had a much different answer.  ‘I used to enjoy going to the office, it used to be fun for me . . . It used to be something I would love to do.”

The real estate agent remains undecided on whether she plans to return for season 4, but she insisted there be an effort to mend some of the broken friendships in the office. “Right now I do like being a part of [the] family, I really, really do,” she admitted. “I like having that dynamic but it needs to have a little bit of healing, and mend itself first. If I ever saw myself leaving, it would be to work with only women.”

Nonexistent friendship

Despite Quinn’s hopes, Fitzgerald told fans not to expect a reconciliation anytime soon. She told Women’s Health that her relationship with Quinn is “nonexistent” and she has no plans of rectifying it. “I haven’t spoken to her in quite a while,” she revealed. “I just try to keep my distance, we don’t really talk. I’ve been busy with work and so I don’t really see a lot of things going on.”

Fitzgerald also stated that she makes a point of ignoring Quinn’s antics whenever they happen to be in the Selling Sunset office at the same time. “She hasn’t been in the office, and I don’t really reach out or pay much attention to some of the things she’s saying and doing so,” she added. “I try not to anyway.”

Selling Sunset is now streaming on Netflix. A fourth season has yet to be confirmed.

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