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Ever wonder just how wild & crazy the NYC party scene really is? Read all about the accounts of Cat Marnell on her hard partying experiences here.

Cat Marnell opens up about NYC’s party scene: The kinkiest stories

If you follow celebrity news much at all, then you’ve probably heard the name Cat Marnell more than once. After all, she’s been in the news at least a few times over the last few years. Now, she’s in the news again after sharing the deets on some of the wild parties she’s attended over the years.

We looked around the internet & unearthed all the juicy details just for you. Read on if you’re curious!

Just who is Cat Marnell?

Cat Marnell spent her formative years in Washington, D.C. where she grew up with psychotherapist & psychiatrist parents. Her parents named her for Caitlin Thomas, wife of the poet Dylan Thomas and a writer in her own right. After high school, she jetsetted to New York City to attend the Greenwich Village New School where she studied nonfiction writing.

Cat took that nonfiction writing degree and transformed it into an incredible writing career. Over the years, she’s worked for high profile online sites like Lucky, xoJane, and Vice.

Her writing career was broken up by several stints in rehab to try to kick her drug habit. The results were mixed and Cat struggled to maintain her writing career while using drugs. Still she was honest to her employers about her addiction. She told The Daily Beast that she “vowed never, ever to lie to a job again: they could take me or leave me with my drug stuff.”

During this time, Cat landed a book deal with Simon & Schuster for nearly half a million dollars. The memoir was called How to Murder Your Life and detailed her adventures in sex & drugs in New York. The book included her experiences with having an abortion, along with “sex in vacant lots in Bushwick with white rappers” and getting “chocked out by a Park Avenue millionaire kid in a pine grove by the reservoir at 4 a.m.”

The salacious book became an instant bestseller and was followed up with the 2019 Self-Tanner for the Soul

So, about those parties…

Recently, Cat was interviewed by controversial figure Caroline Calloway for a New York paper called The Drunken Canal. The interview included some interesting details from Cat Marnell’s past, including a few anecdotes on some wild parties she once attended.

When asked what happens at these parties, Cat replied that “It’s like art when you see that stuff. It’s amazing to see people f****** in an orgy setting. All of a sudden it just started! F****** and sucking, it was old school!” Sounds wild! 

She also detailed the drug use, aka party favors, that were common at the parties. She says “there were tons and tons of whippets . . . everyone was on drugs.”

In the beginning of the interview, Caroline Calloway asked Cat Marnell “what happens at sex parties with Rachel Rabbit White?” If you aren’t sure who Rachel Rabbit White is, that’s okay; she’s a sex worker, writer, and activist who apparently throws killer parties. 

What did Cat have to say about the parties? Apparently, she was “sitting there with Rachel (Rabbit White) and Moses (Archuleta) and at a certain point, people just started f******.” Sounds interesting, that’s for sure!

Is there someone special in Cat’s life?

For as exciting as the sex parties were, things aren’t as exciting in Cat Marnell’s personal life. According to the interview, she doesn’t even bother with dating. “I’m trying to think what I would say if I was putting myself out there . . . That’s part of the reason I moved back to New York. I was like, I need a personal life . . . I’m actually an introvert in a public career and…I don’t’ know who to date!”

Cat Marnell mused if she was going to have to ask people out herself. If she wants a relationship, it seems she’ll have take the initiative just like the rest of us!

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