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Whether adult or kitten, give it a shot to see if your furry overlord will want to play with you. Here are 5 games to play with your cat indoors.

Is your kitty bored? The very best cat games to play now

Whether your cat likes it or not, you both are stuck in close quarters and a lot of togetherness. While cats are very independent animals, it doesn’t mean that you can’t play with them. Okay, maybe watching them lose their kitty minds with catnip or having them practice hunting with ribbons gets old after awhile. There are plenty of cat games out there for you and your cat to play.

Here are five new and interesting ways to play with your cat indoors. Whether adult or kitten, give it a shot to see if your furry overlord will want to play with you. Because we all need something to do, even your furbaby.

YouTube games

Got a tablet that can withstand your cat? Good! Pull up YouTube and type in cat games there. Why not check out this cat game with a surprise inside? Keep your kitty entertained for two hours! You’ll find a ton of fun videos designed to engage and stimulate your cat. From fish to birds, these will sure to capture some more adventurous cats’ curiosity. At the very least, you’ll get some nice bird noises out of it if all your cat wants to do is watch. 

Got a remote control car?

A little nervous about letting your cat near your tablet or other expensive screens? Then go to Chewy (or a toy store) and spend about $20 USD to get a remote control car. With it, you can play a fun little cat and “mouse” game. 

If the mouse was a toy car. Think of this as a more high octane hunting game for your kitty. This will require some supervision as no one wants to get their cat hurt, but done right it will be hours of fun for you and your cat.

Crumpled paper

If you want to keep the games with your cat a little more low tech, then don’t look any further than an empty notebook or a nearby printer. Just crumple some paper into a ball and present it to your cat. Oddly enough, cats love the shape of a crumpled up piece of paper and the sound that it makes. It will keep your cat absolutely fascinated for hours. 

Just make sure to keep an eye on the paper though, otherwise, you’ll end up with confetti courtesy of your cat. 

Hide and seek

Not just a game for kids anymore, tap into your cat’s predatory instincts by playing a game of hide and seek with them. Around mealtimes or treat times, call your cat into a room and hide from them. Reward them with the food when they find you. Gradually, you can amp up the difficulty for them. It will be a lot of fun for both you and your cat along with letting them get in touch with their predator side.

Laser pointer

An oldie but a goodie. Get a cheap laser pointer and watch your cat lose its everloving kitty mind while trying to catch the dot. It’s a cat game that’s been around as long as the laser pointer has existed. 

Cats certainly love tapping into the predatory instinct while owners get to engage with their cat (and maybe watch some TV while keeping the kitty occupied). 

Take them for a walk

This one depends on the kind of cat that you have. If you think your cat is the right kind of temperament to be taken out on a leash and walk, then definitely look into it. Unlike dogs, however, you’re going to have to build up your cats tolerance for walkies. Such as getting them comfortable with a leash and harness overtime, taking them for practice walks in the backyard, and generally making sure they are chill and comfortable.

If they are, then you and your cat (with proper social distancing) can go outside and take in that fresh air. Don’t think your cat is into it? Consider investing in a cat patio so they can get some outdoor bonding time with you in the backyard.

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