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Is the entire cast of ‘Secret Invasion’ ditching Disney for a Netflix deal?

Is Marvel’s Secret Invasion all it’s cracked up to be? With the second episode now streaming on Disney+, we’ve had a chance to sink our teeth into the meat of this alien espionage saga. But, with its twisty plot and complex storylines, is the show’s narrative more tangled than a ball of yarn – especially with a cast that could be replaced

Let’s dive in to see what the human cast thinks about imagining a cast without humans at all.

Lone ranger

A significant bone of contention revolves around Nick Fury’s singular approach to handling the impending doom ushered in by the Skrulls. It’s refreshing to see the otherwise sidelined Fury in the limelight, but wouldn’t it be practical for him to call on his super pals?

Episode two brushes aside this question with Fury asserting that involving a superhero would just invite a Skrull doppelgänger. He brands this conflict as his personal war. However, considering the Marvel universe’s past achievements like deciphering time travel, couldn’t they outwit the Skrulls? Maybe it’s time for Fury to swallow his pride and dial up some old acquaintances, like the Kamar-Taj sorcerers or Carol Danvers?

Marvel’s decision to make Secret Invasion an insular spy thriller feels a bit out of tune with the team spirit we’ve grown to love.

Gravik’s plan

Skull leader Gravik’s labyrinthine plan to annihilate humanity is another issue. He begins by fostering international tensions and infiltrates governments with Skrull agents, all while building a machine to create super-Skrulls. His final step? Kickstarting a catastrophic nuclear war.

But why such a Rube Goldberg-style plot? Isn’t there a higher chance for things to go wrong with each new phase? If Skrulls can impersonate anyone, why not bypass the complexities and opt for a simpler direct strike at nuclear facilities? Seems like Gravik needs to go back to the drawing board.

And what about our resident aliens already peacefully residing on Earth? Fury claims there’s no room for interspecies cohabitation, but didn’t the Asgardians find a home in New Asgard post-Ragnarok?

Marvel seems to overlook its own established world to suit the plot of Secret Invasion.

Course correction

Of course, with only a third of the series aired, there’s plenty of time to rectify these issues. Maybe Gravik has an ace up his sleeve if the Avengers decide to step in. Perhaps Fury will finally address the gap Carol Danvers could fill in his strategy. It’s exciting to think that these plot points may make sense as the series progresses. Does that mean a cast of nothing but AI? Only time will tell, honestly.

The idea of Secret Invasion as a spy thriller is indeed enticing. However, Marvel shouldn’t disregard its own lore just to make the series work. Given the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s rich tapestry of interconnected storylines, it can surely concoct a narrative that’s consistent with its world-building. After all, in a universe that managed to figure out time travel, surely they can find a way to resolve these plot holes, right?


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