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Ready to see something straight out of your 'Candyman' nightmares? Follow this TikToker's IRL horror movie journey. Yikes.

Horror movie come to life: Step inside this creepy ‘Candyman’ room

The new Candyman movie is still a ways away from coming out. While the movie looks like it’s going to terrify us, we can’t wait to see how Tony Todd will terrify us again in the upcoming sequel to 1992’s Candyman. Sometimes, however, horror movies can appear IRL. Like that woman who found a terrifying hidden basement in her home that no one knew about?

Can you Blair Witch anyone? Now, a woman has found a secret apartment. Before you worry, it’s not the same woman with the Blair Witch basement. This woman found a creepy Candyman hidden room right behind her mirror. Don’t say any name into this mirror five times, we’ll tell you that. Not if you don’t want to live your own personal IRL version of the Candyman movie.

Big yikes

We wouldn’t come to the conclusion about an apartment being haunted right off the bat. Samantha Hartose, a New York City woman, was feeling spooked-out when she discovered a hidden room behind a mounted mirror in the apartment she rents. Apparently, Hartose was feeling unexplainable cold air coming from . . . somewhere and she realized that it was from behind the mirror. 

Well, Hartose got two of her friends to help her move the mirror, which is when she found a dilapidated hallway with a secret room at the end of it. And, wow, that’s just asking for someone to sneak into your apartment and murder you as your sleep on our end. Have you ever heard about Daniel LaPlante? Those major vibes mixed with those of the Candyman movie.

One of her friends, who was not a help, compared it to Parasite through the TikTok videos that she made documenting her mystery room. “What if someone is living there right now?” asks the least helpful person in this IRL horror movie. “Have you watched the movie Parasite?” Dude, you would be the guy that would get killed first in Candyman.

@samanthartsoeTRULY a new meaning to a “hole in the wall” #mystery #nyc #apartment #secret #storytime #fyp #foryou♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Call *clap* your *clap* landlord *clap*

We know YOLO is dead, but, like, Samantha Hatorse went full on YOLO in her TikTok series. Why? Homegirl grabs a mask (don’t want to get COVID from the demons), a hammer (protection), wedges a flashlight under her headband (that’s not going to stay there), says a prayer (we’d recommend calling a priest), and crawls through the mirror into a secret room (did we learn nothing from Coraline?). 

We, here at FilmDaily, recommend that you do none of this and call your landlord. Or, better yet, call the cops. You don’t know if there’s some murderer at the other end. If you don’t feel comfortable calling the police, call your biggest, baddest, scariest friend and let them have at it. Just don’t do what Samantha did because weird things in mirrors were how people died in the Candyman movie. 

Hatorse, luckily, didn’t find Candyman’s Tony Todd waiting for her or even a big rat. She did find what looks like an entire abandoned apartment: disconnected toilet, exposed pipes, and all. A bit anticlimactic, but so long as she was okay? That’s good. Hatorse, after her adventure, is making plans to phone her landlord. We’d still recommend getting the apartment blessed and that hole thoroughly patched up. 

What have we learned today? 

If you find a creepy horror movie room behind your mirror that looks something out of Candyman? Don’t go into it. Call someone. Call anyone. Just don’t go into it to explore yourself. That’s just . . . that’s bad. Don’t do it. Please.

What would you do if you find a weird room behind your bathroom mirror? Let us know in the comments. 

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