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There are tons of famous cafe destinations in film and TV. Here are a few that you can actually visit in real life.

Cafe Destinations Based on Movies and TV Shows Around the World

Movies and TV shows have long set the standard for cafe spots and fine dining. How many times have you witnessed that homely hotspot and destination that takes prevalence within movie shots of TV episodes, and wondered what the atmosphere would be like if you end up there for yourself? Well, we have something special for you here today. All those cafe destinations that have taken our hearts, and in fact felt so like home, are listed down below by us. Everything from Toy Story, to Friends has been highlighted, so have your iPhone at the ready, and get down these notes, as you will want to visit these when we are done!

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Central Perk

We had to start with this cafe, being that it has quite the reputation from being the central focus location for filming time, for one of the most famous shows of all time- Friends. There is no doubt here that from us all watching the show, we have always wondered what those huge muffins were like that Joey handed out for free to all the beautiful women he met as a waiter there, or the time where Monica was eating a cake and she seemed to really be enjoying it, much to the dismay of a jealous Chandler. Of course, being that the gang of friends only ever seem to be drinking coffee there throughout the years, with some pretty large portions might we add, it did have us craving coffee over a multiple of times for sure.

Due to the popularity of the show, there are actually multiple cafe spots now that share the same name of this prestigious place. Central Perk, can now be found in Beijing, which actually has arranged its cafe to look like the cafe in and out of the store. So, you can just envision Rachel coming out and getting your order wrong for the millionth time, right? Also, there is a joint of this cafe located within Manchester, United Kingdom too. It still very much has the same menu, vibe and style as we witnessed in our favourite show. So, if you happen to be visiting China or the UK anytime soon, make sure you make a trip there!

Alien Pizza Planet 

Any Toy Story fans out here? Well boy do we have the perfect spot for you here. Alien Pizza Planet is shown within the first and second movie of the series, and while it was a joint to get pizza, there were also relevant space themed games that kids could enjoy while their moms got the pizza. This was the exact spot where Woody met the Aliens within the vending machine, and they then were eternally grateful for him, making them a family essentially. 

This spot is a tribute to the Disney movie, and you will find it within Disneyland park California. In between catching the rides and exploring within the theme park, this is the perfect location to stop off at and enjoy a bite to eat. Because why not?

Walters Coffee Roastery 

Breaking Bad fandom stand by. This cafe was created after the impeccable TV ratings that Breaking Bad had reeled in during its years airing. So, in honor of the TV show, Istanbul saw it necessary to pay tribute to the legend of a show, by creating a coffee shop, named after Walter himself. Dotted across the cafe’s interiors, there are periodic tables on the walls and a retro vibe to go along with it, should you also be a budding chemist like Walter himself. We can confidently say that any Breaking Bad lover will really appreciate the interiors here and will probably make this their everyday coffee spot, while they reside within the city of Istanbul!

McGee Pub

Here we have yet another sitcom inspired destination taking after the ‘How I Met Your Mother’ series. The show has given us the lovable characters Marshall, Ted, Barney, Lily and Robin, and they always seem to be here when they want to meet up and have a couple of drinks, or a bite to eat during their conversations. What will probably make you even more excited if you are based in New York yourself, is that the joint actually does exist within NYC and the pub now markets itself with the TV series, to lure fans in for a bite to eat!

Having based the show cafe/bar on a real spot, you will find the décor mimics the exact interiors shown on the show, alongside the same entrees, foods and dishes there too. So, if you are willing to immerse yourself in the entire experience, make sure you head on down and get yourself a much-earned beverage.

The Pandorica 

Last but not least, we have a perfect destination for the legendary TV series, Dr. Who. This spot however, is not within the obvious location of the UK, London, it is in fact within the city of New York. What makes this café special however is, the interiors are inspired by the Tardis itself, alongside artwork that mimics the adventures of the Tardis. What has made this a go-to hotspot for many, is the fact everything served is traditionally British, from sandwiches, to scones-nothing is American about this at all. 

Hey, even the previous Dr. Who actors such as David Tennant, actually turned up while he was locally within the area, and that definitely was not expected at all. Who knows, maybe the time you go, you may even be asked to hop in the Tardis yourself by the Dr?

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