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A few people were befuddled by Pete Buttigieg being appointed as Joe Biden's Secretary of Transportation. The internet brought on the memes.

Pete Buttigieg’s new appointment: The best memes about his policies

This week, Joe Biden picked former presidential hopeful & mayor of South Bend, Indiana Pete Buttigieg to be his Secretary of Transportation. Granted, there’s a whole process Mayor Pete will have to go through before he gets the position (election confirmation, senate hearing, etc.), but that didn’t stop the internet from talking about it. 

Despite complaints from Democrats the last four years about the lack of experience of Trump’s appointees & cabinet members (has Betsy Devos even been in a school?), Buttigieg has no real experience running a transportation program or running a national department.

Luckily, the internet was there to hold Mayor Pete & Biden accountable for the hypocrisy and to speculate what some of their policies would be. 


Apparently his lack of experience only merited him a position at a cabinet store 😔 #neoliberal #liberal #petebuttigieg #cabinetpicks #biden2020

♬ this really blew up follow me – Dixie D’amelio

Shorty do you notice Pete?

Before his official position was even announced, people speculated a cabinet position was in Pete Buttigieg’s future. 

Pete Fleet

People speculated about what small & weird policies Pete Buttigieg would come up with.

Secretary of the kiss n ride

Pete Buttigieg is young for a politician at thirty-eight. It’s not far off that he would have his mom become America’s chauffeur. 

Bribes for better railways

Many people made memes about their desire for better intercontinental train travel. Will trade toys for inexpensive & fuel efficient travel policies. 


Make us go choo choo Big Daddy Pete #greenscreen #train #Productivity #MayorPete #lgbt

♬ Daisy (I’m Crazy But You Like That) – Ashnikko

If Wanna Come Take a Ride with Pete…

Continuing the trend, a few gay men “offered” Mayor Pete lap dances for better train system policies. Hey you gotta do what you gotta do. 


A Roads Scholar? 🤔😂 inspired by @lizemopetey #fyp #foryoupage #joebiden #biden2020 #FestiveFashion #rhodesscholar #TheProm #viral #foryou

♬ original sound – Tyler Brooks

Did all Rhodes lead to Pete?

Many people had questions about why Biden picked Pete Buttigieg for transportation of all things. This response was a favorite and played off of a popular Tik Tok trend where two people get confused over homophones. Plus, we can easily see policy decisions playing out like this. 


Broke: Infrastructure Week. Woke: Infrastructure Pete. Choo choo mfers! #neoliberal #liberal #petebuttigieg #infrastructure #ambassador #biden2020

♬ Strategy (Dramatic Music) – Sound Effect

Changing the game

Speculation that Pete Buttigieg would receive a military related or ambassador nomination was high once Biden started announcing his picks. Does it check out that Pete Buttigieg’s policy experience with transportation extends as far as playing Ticket to Ride on Friday night game night? Absolutely. 


#petebuttigieg #mayorpete #transportation #politics #ladygaga #gay #lgbt

♬ original sound – Leo

Plane. Next place. Bus. 

Lady Gaga knows how to werk. For the sake of America, let’s hope Mayor Pete does too.

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