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Before #Megxit, the term Brexit was coined to remove the UK from the EU once and for all! Here's the latest update.

Is Brexit being delayed until 2023? See the latest update

Before #Megxit, the term Brexit was coined to remove the UK from the EU once and for all! However, with so many problems & delays arising since the UK’s drastic decision, it may only happen in 2023. 

What is Brexit? 

For some, Brexit is a giant separation between two major parts of the world, but for the UK it’s a way for the British to remove themselves from the European Union completely. As The New York Times reported the UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson & the Conservative Party won the general election and decided to pass the Brexit legislation in January 2021. 

However, as fun as the idea may be, Britain has been in & out of debating the pros & cons of their situation. The UK will have to go through a round of trade negotiations with the European Union and will have to publicly address how the British will plan on coping without the help of their neighboring countries.

The New York Times noted that Britain’s decision to remove itself from the EU shouldn’t be taken lightly as the EU is actually the “most important export market” and their biggest investment worldwide. 

Unfortunately, Britain has had many unexpected updates causing extreme delays. This has caused the UK to delay the start of their eleven month transition period at a much later date nearing 2023. 

Left behind 

Brexit might be taking the backseat because of the Irish Sea border crisis. According to BBC News, the Unionists don’t agree with Britain’s decision to execute Brexit. The Unionists of Northern Ireland believe Brexit might work with other parts of the UK but definitely not them.

Stormont’s Department of Agriculture suspended checks on animal products after some Northern Ireland ports were receiving threats against their inspection staff. They’re also worried they won’t be able to continue their current relationship with the Republic of Ireland.

BBC News reported, the Democratic Unionist Party claimed: “As the largest unionist party at Stormont, we also intend to send a strong signal to the government of the Republic of Ireland that north-south relationships are also impacted by the implementation of a protocol which they supported.”

On Tuesday, February 2nd, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson provided an update on the Irish situation and expressed that the province will be  “unshakeable”. Johnson firmly stated that Northern Ireland won’t need to worry about their place within the UK. 

Time for action

With few Brexit updates on the benefits for Northern Ireland, many politicians have gotten restless. Bloomberg reported Democratic Unionist Party Leader Ian Paisley stated: “I speak for all my constituents today when I tell you that the Protocol has betrayed us and has made us feel like foreigners in our country.”

According to Irish Examiner, Ian Paisley told his fellow politicians:“We are not going to be bluffed or buy a pig in a poke on a matter which affects the lives of the future and present generation of Ulster people.”

On the other hand, Bloomberg reported that Boris Johnson actually felt he betrayed Northern Ireland by signing off checks between Great Britain & Northern Ireland. Johnson stated: “We will do everything we need to do, whether legislatively or indeed by invoking Article 16 of the Protocol, to ensure there is no barrier down the Irish Sea.


According to Reuters, the British government is pleading for an extension for Brexit to begin in 2023. Political editor Laura Kuenssberg confirmed that the Cabinet Office Secretary Michael Gove wrote to the European Commission’s vice president Maros Sefcovic for an immediate solution to the intense delay, pushing for an update from the UK. 

Brexit’s next move might not happen quick enough as a three-month grace period. Britain helping Northern Ireland with food goods from supermarkets and large wholesale groups is a major delay. This grace period is supposed to help Britain & Northern Ireland trade easily without any negative impact.

When do you think Brexit will be processed? Let us know in the comments below. 

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