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Rumor has it Mia Khalifa is going back to the XXX industry game through Playboy Centerfold. But if so, how would she handle it with her new boyfriend?

Has Mia Khalifa remarried? Meet her new mystery boyfriend

Even though Mia Khalifa’s time in the porn industry lasted a few months, her name became the most searched one in the history of PornHub. It’s impossible to erase something that big, and not in a prejudiced way. There’s nothing wrong with sex work at all, but she’ll probably keep headlining news for a while. However, there are two current intrigues on Khalifa, which are her boyfriend & her sex work comeback. 

Mia Khalifa made her relationship with Puerto Rican musician Jhay Cortez public in November 2021, but are there plans on tying the knot? The truth is the former porn star just went out of a messy divorce last year, so waiting a little might be the right thing to do. However, no one but Khalifa can determine what’s best for her. 

Nevertheless, Khalifa’s relationship with Cortez isn’t something new, the real novelty is her comeback to the adult content industry. Since Playboy Centerfold launched, which is a content platform that will compete with OnlyFans, it was announced that Khalifa would be offering exclusive content there. But is she really coming back to the XXX industry game? And if so, how would she handle it with her new boyfriend?

Khalifa’s love life

In March 2019, Mia Khalifa happily announced her engagement with the prestigious Chef Robert Sandberg. Apparently, they met through social media in 2018 after Khalifa followed him due to his three Michelin stars awarded to the restaurant he was working at. However, it looked like a decision taken in the rush of the moment and two years later the couple officially divorced. 

One of the hardest things about being a public figure must be feeling the need of explaining & justifying every personal decision. It was through an Instagram post that Mia Khalifa announced she and her former husband were getting a divorce. In the post, Khalifa explained they both did everything in order to have a healthy relationship, they even went to therapy, but it looks like it just didn’t work.

Rumors of her relationship with Jhay Cortez started in the summer of 2021. By October, Khalifa joined Cortez on the stage at the Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in Puerto Rico, confirming to everyone she had a new boyfriend. However, the couple hasn’t shared any plans of getting married any time soon, so it looks like Cortez will stay as Khalifa’s boyfriend for a while. 

From OnlyFans to Playboy 

Playboy Magazine will always be a referent in history regarding sexuality & female pornographic representation. Nevertheless, time has passed and even though people will keep buying Playboy as a collectible, their format has lost real validity. This is the reason why Playboy Centerfold just launched, which is a non-censored content platform similar to OnlyFans. 

In February 2022, Playboy Centerfold announced having exclusive content from Mia Khalifa. However, this can be confusing for several of Khalifa’s fans, due to the fact that the former porn star has strongly stated being against the XXX industry. Also, she was brutally judged by making her OnlyFans content censored, in fact, she was one of the figures of the Safe For Work app of the platform. 

So, you must be wondering if Khalifa will actually pose naked for Playboy and the answer is yes. It looks like after all the former actress realized she could inhabit sex work from a different place the porn industry does, and frankly, it was a wise move. 

Playboy estimated Khalifa’s photos will earn up to $200,000 a year, however it could be more. Don’t forget she donated £117,000 to charity from her OnlyFans earnings, which photos weren’t explicit.

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