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We know the boy love addiction is real. These boy love dramas definitely need to be on your radar when they finally drop online this year.

Here are all the best boy love dramas coming out in 2020

We know the boy love addiction is real. You binged all of The Untamed in one sitting, and that’s not even true boy love drama. Never fear, the internet is here if you need some more boy love in your life.

GMMTV in Thailand has way too many boy love shows coming out in 2020 that you definitely need to watch. But there’s also plenty of other countries producing top tier content. These boy love dramas definitely need to be on your radar when they finally drop online. 

A Tale of Thousand Stars

One of the boy love dramas announced during GMMTV’s New & Next event, A Tale of Thousand Stars tells the story of two men connected by the heart of a teacher who unexpectedly passed away. But with war separating the two, can he keep the promise his heart’s original owner made? 

Starring Earth Pirapat and Mix Sahaphap as the leading men, the drama is sure to offer a unique twist. Production has just started on the show a few weeks ago, so hopefully, the show will be out by December 2020. 

The Shipper

Imagine if you could make your dream ship a reality? For Pan (Prigkhing Sureeyaret), she may have gotten more than she bargained for when she ended up in the body of Kim (First Kanaphan). While she tries to make her ship between Kim and Way (Fluke Pusit) canon, someone is catching on to the changes in Kim’s life. 

GMMTV truly knows its audience, because this is literally every fangirl’s dream. With it being between real people, it’s a little creepy, but it has an opportunity to talk about how creepy it is to ship real people. Airing on May 22nd, the series is set to air on GMM 25. 

That’s My Umbrella

All Kondee (Turbo) wanted was to hide under a rock and never see Fahfon (Kaownah Kittipat) again after confessing his feelings. But now, Fahfon is constantly talking to Kondee like it never happened. Which has him wondering what the rain did to help his confession. 

We’re not going to get anyone’s hope up about this one, because it seems like it’s disappearing from the internet. But lead actor Turbo Chanokchon says the show is still happening, so we’re going to put false hope in. Who doesn’t love someone awkwardly confessing their feelings yet being unable to avoid the person?

Oxygen: The Series

Who doesn’t love some “rich boy meets poor boy” stereotypes? Gui (Petch Chanapoom) has worked his entire life to get his spot in uni and keep it. But he works with a smile on his face. Rich spoiled boy Solo (Nut Supanut) got everything handed to him, but after his mother’s death, he can’t find happiness, until he meets Gui.

If you want some pure-hearted “finding happiness in tragedy” feels, Oxygen is definitely the answer. Initially supposed to premiere this month, filming delays pushed the show’s release to July at the earliest.

Gen Y

A coming of age story that also is BL? Sign us up! And if you’re into SBFIVE, you’ll be glad to hear that this is the long awaited BL series featuring the boy band. No word yet on what ship the show plans on focusing on, but most fans believe KimCop will be the ship of focus. Of course, the BasTee shippers are also hoping for canon.

Also featured in the show are the other kids from SBFIVE’s Super Kid’s project. No word yet on when the show is set to film, but fans are predicting a late 2020 release for the project. 

Your Star

A homophobic man who hates LGBTQ+ people with all his heart feels betrayed when he finds out his younger brother is not only gay, but in an active gay relationship. But when his feelings for a close male friend begin to change, it makes his feelings about LGBTQ+ people change. 

While not the most LGBTQ+ positive show, Your Star definitely plans of fulfilling the drama part of the boy love drama name. With fresh talent leading the drama as well, it’ll be interesting to see how they take on such a controversial subject. 

Heartbeat: The Series

Enemies to friends is nothing new, but musical enemies to friends is definitely mixing it up. The Boys, led by Bas, is given the chance to write a song for graduation. But this time the singer is Toy, who Bas cannot stand at all.

As graduation closes in, the two begin to work out their differences, and surprise surprise, they fall in love. It’s a story as old as time, but with some great music promised within the show, it’s definitely switching up the story. 

My Bromance 2: 5 Years Later

For years, fans have demanded a sequel to the smash hit My Bromance. Fans of Bank and Golf may be getting their prayers finally answered this year. Of course, it comes down to if the film is actually ready to go this year or not. 

While no release date has been set in stone, the studio has been teasing a sequel for years, originally slating My Bromance 2 for a 2018 release. Teerapat Lohanan and Pongsatorn Sripinta are both reprising their roles as Golf and Bank, respectively.

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