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Blippi is a popular YouTuber who has captivated audiences with his theme. Here are some other educational YouTubers for kids.

The Blippi Theme is Happy, Fun, and Spreading Like Wildfire

The kids YouTube creator Blippi has been making viral hits for years now, but recently he’s been taking  off for his fun, upbeat, happy theme song for his show, which teaches toddlers and preschoolers about  science, math, numbers, and colors. If your kids are obsessed with Blippi, check out some of these other  incredible educational shows available totally free on YouTube! 

  1. HiHo Kids 

HiHo Kids is a great way to have your child meet and hear from real kids from across a wide diversity of  backgrounds and ages. It’s extra helpful if you’ve got a picky eater on your hands – they love making  videos of kids trying new or interesting foods, which can make a big impact on encouraging your little  one to try some new foods, too! 

  1. Walter the Wildlife Explorer 


This brand new channel just launched this month, and if you’re a fan of Blippi you’ve got to check it out!  Walter the Wildlife Explorer has fun, engaging “real-person” videos about exploring nature, meeting  wildlife, and environmental conservation. The tone is goofy, happy, and even sometimes musical! It’s a  fantastic way for your preschool or toddler aged kiddo to learn lots about the world and get a fun dance  party out of the deal, too! 

  1. Steve & Maggie 

Steve and his bird puppet friend Maggie make great kids content that’s a hybrid of live action and  animation. Often the content is largely nursery rhymes and sing-along songs, with varying lengths  including quick little five minute videos and compilations several hours long, so there’s a video to fit  whatever you need, whether it’s a short video before bed or a way to keep your little one occupied for a  longer period of time! 

  1. Australia Zoo 

If you, like many parents, grew up watching Crocodile Hunter with Steve Irwin, you’re going to find some  familiar faces on this YouTube channel! Steve Irwin’s family has continued his legacy with wildlife  conservation and education at the Australia Zoo, and their YouTube channel is full of exciting kids  content just like the old Crocodile Hunters we used to watch, but with a fun, modern tone. Watch Terri,  Bindi, Robert Irwin take care of the animals at their zoo and learn at the same time!  

  1. Maddie Moate 

Maddie Moate is an adorable “real-person” kids content creator who makes exciting, interesting videos  about nature, with a special focus around wildlife and, most of all, Maddie’s personal beekeeping  efforts! Kids will learn a lot about the environment, wild animals, and science literacy from Maddie while  staying engaged and excited! 

  1. Katie Cutie Kids TV 

Katie Cutie Kids TV is a hybrid real person/animation channel that focuses on nursery rhymes, fairy tales,  and songs, with fun exciting costumes and a chipper tone. Katie makes lots of fun themed videos around  holidays and seasons like Halloween, Christman, and summer, so if you’re looking for a video that covers  a special topic, Katie’s probably got you covered! 

  1. Toddler Learning Fun 

If you’ve got a truck-obsessed toddler, you’re in luck! Toddler Learning Fun is an animated series of  videos for kids on YouTube that centers around a Gecko mechanic and his garage full of buses, monster  trucks, and construction vehicles. Watch fun sketches and songs cast by these playful cars and trucks,  and watch your little one get sucked right in to the fun, simple tone and catchy music. 

  1. Wild Kratts 

The Wild Kratts are two brothers with a long history of making compelling, exciting educational content  for kids about wildlife and the natural world. Their new animated show features the two brothers  travelling into the wild to teach the audience about an exotic breed of animal and answer questions that  all kids have about what it’s like in the wild for animals. 

  1. Super Simple Play 

If you’ve heard of Super Simple Kids Song, you’re in luck! The same people responsible for your child’s  favorite music compilations also make fun, simple videos for kids about special topics like community  helpers, camping, and riding bicycles. These simple yet captivating videos are a

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