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Do you have dark humor? Do you like memes? The internet is full of dark humor memes as dark as your soul is. Here are some of the funniest.

Embrace your bleak humor with these great dark memes

Do you have dark humor? Do you like memes? The internet is full of dark humor memes as dark as your soul is. If you’re a kind of person who will laugh at something that others cringe at, then you have found your people. 

As there are just so many dark humor memes out there, then we’re here to give you some of the best of the best. From memes about being a person with dark humor to just flat out dark, this list has the gamut.

After all if your sense of humor is really going to send you to Hell, where the devil will definitely judge you, then you might as well have a few more laughs on the way out. Where else but the internet where you will meet people with the same sort of dark humor as you. Plus, it’s memes! You just got to love some good memes. Well, not good as in holy but good as “wow”.

1. Why

Listen if you’re gonna do drugs, then make sure it’s drugs. Also, side note, is it cannibalism if you snort Grandpa’s ashes? Asking for this kid.

2. Oh my

English and definitions we give to different words is a hell of a thing, you know? Also don’t throw your pet mouse. Think of Stuart Little.

3. It’s not a bad idea

A squirt gun full of hand sanitizer is actually not a bad idea? Especially if someone isn’t wearing a mask in public.

4. And this is why you do birth control

Just saying, bro.

5. Mr. Clean helping serial killers

He does have that cold, dead look in his animated eyes.

6. Consider this on a desert island

Lord of the Flies would have been a very different book if Piggy had a vial of poison and a surplus of fish. 

7. And one of them doesn’t have a vaccine

Not that people who are suffering from the stupidity virus believe in vaccines to begin with. 

8. Awkward

Then you have to judge the room and see if you can ever talk to these people again after they hear your dark humor.

9. Now just chill

There has to be a grace period after a tragedy before the jokes start, people. Just let it sink in.

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