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After their marriage, the couple have only grown closer & stronger, but what do we know about Billy Porter’s darling Adam Smith? Here's what we know.

Power couple: Everything to know about Billy Porter and Adam Smith

The first thing that pulls you in when you see Billy Porter is his powerful sense of fashion & charismatic style. Once you’ve relaxed the eyes a bit you’ll almost always see his better half, Adam Smith, standing by him in support. 

Since they met in 2009, they’ve been with each other at every turn. After their marriage in 2017, the couple have only grown closer & stronger, but what do we know about Billy’s darling Adam Smith?

Who is Adam Smith?

For starters, Adam is a successful business man who co-owns Native Ken, a New York-based luxury eyewear company. Adam’s business savvy doesn’t stop there, as he’s also been a sales rep for Channel, Jil Sanders, Dita, and Marchon eyewear, earning accolades for his outstanding work. Adam not only knows how to look sharp on the outside, but how the business works on the inside. 

Where did he grow up?

Adam wasn’t originally interested in business however, and majored in theatre at the California Institute of Arts. It was from there that Adam developed the freedom to explore his true self, after moving from his home city of Dallas. 

As one would expect, the environment around sexuality in California was something completely different from Dallas and it opened Adam up to many new and exciting possibilities.

How did Billy and Adam meet?

Though this is Adam’s second marriage, Billy & Smith have been enamored with one another since their chance encounter in 2009 at a dinner hosted by a mutual friend. 

Just how chance an encounter this was is up for debate, as Billy touts to have spotted Adam early in the night and was determined to sit next to that handsome specimen. They hit it off right then and started their bumpy but happy journey as partners.

The road to a happy relationship wasn’t easy at first. When the two first met they dated only for a brief period of time, before they both decided to part ways. But even after their break-up, they remained friends and both felt a connection lingering, despite their busy lives keeping them apart. 

Luckily, after a touching, hand-holding moment at Adam’s birthday, the connection was rekindled and soon became an all-consuming passion.  

Where’s the party?

Adam is the planner of the two, throwing Billy’s birthday parties and celebrations, even going so far as to plan their wedding. The most recent extravaganza that Adam planned for Billy was his 50th birthday. 

This moment celebrated not only Billy’s life but also his achievements, as it was only days before the 71st Emmy awards where Billy won the award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

A man that’s not just business

But Adam isn’t just business & parties, he also has a happy family life. His two sister’s Adria & Allison are both married and have children. This lucky situation gives Adam the title of uncle, without all the dirty diapers that come along with babies. Adam has nine nieces & nephews, which is more than enough for a man already busy with so many other things.

After three years of blissful matrimony, the couple seems to be stronger & happier than ever. We’re looking forward to seeing more of Adam and any wonderfully extravagant parties he has planned – we just hope our invites don’t get lost in the mail.

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