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Joe Biden has been President of the United States for close to two months. But has he kept all of his campaign promises? Here's the best meme reactions!

Joe Biden is ignoring his campaign promises: All the best Twitter memes

While the U.S. is ahead of schedule regarding Joe Biden’s early promise of “one-hundred million people vaccinated in my first one-hundred days in office”, there seem to be other campaign promises that President Joe Biden has failed to execute.

While it’s still quite early in his term, President Joe Biden is already beginning to sprout some critics, pointing out campaign promises such as “raising the minimum wage” and “a third stimulus check” that he’s yet to deliver on. So, how do we vent our frustrations on Biden’s lack of executing his campaign promises? With memes, of course!

Here are the best Twitter memes that highlight some of the frustrations that Americans are having with President Joe Biden.  

Crossed my fingers

Some of the campaign promises that Joe Biden made are still struggling to find any movement. 

Where’s Joe? 

I guess this leaves us to compare Biden’s early presidency to the Star Wars Christmas Special.

Perhaps distracted? 

Forgive him, people . . . he’s old. 

Old man strut 

Remember Joe Biden running in that dorky fashion when he was on the campaign trail? It’s OK . . . Elizabeth Warren did the same thing. 

Stroke of power

Some are still running to the aid of President Biden, defending his golf game as well as his opting not to play the game during a global pandemic. 

Foreign policy 

You know . . . he does make that ice cream cone look good, even in the Winter.

Show me the money, Joe!

These stimulus checks are coming out soon, just like George R.R. Martin’s The Winds of Winter. “Soon”.   

Joe ain’t no wolf

Joe Biden came to Wall Street to do two things: Kick @$$, and chew bubblegum . . . and he’s all out of bubblegum.  

Biden apologists 

While many still defend Biden and his campaign promises, there seems to be a lack of social media content to prove it. 

A white knight 

Liberals either die a hero . . . or live long enough to see themselves become the villain.

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