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Hollywood may be stalled during quarantine but Tik Tok is going strong. Here are some of the Tik Tok videos you need in your life during quarantine.

Here are all the best Tik Tok videos to watch during quarantine

Hollywood may be stalled during quarantine, but TikTok is going strong. When there’s not a lot happening boredom can be an excellent gateway to creativity and the videos on TikTok prove as far as creativity goes the sky’s the limit. 

There’s something for everyone on this app whether you like TikTok dances, slap-dash recipes, the usual adorable animal antics, or are just pining for the good ol’ Vine days. In the time of quarantine we are always in need of laughter and community and TikTok has allowed us a small escape. Here are some of the Tik Tok videos you need in your life during quarantine. 

A classic

This may just be the holiest of all Tik Toks. Sandman cat is the essence of Tik Tok. 

Mais oui

Tik Tok videos: if you’re looking to brush up on some very specific language skills. 

Wholesome family content

It’s time to let the dads shine  – and boy, do they shine!

A sophisticated evening

When in quarantine, do as the Romans do, get plastered. 

That’s a bop

Since creativity knows no bounds and music taste is subjective, we’d say they’ve got a decent shot at a Grammy. 

It’s uncanny

Torturing your dad for the sake of quality content is what family is all about. 

When dadasaurs ruled the earth

When you have ultimate power in your hands and you use it to disgrace your mother in front of the entire neighborhood. 

Just a regular ninja turtle

Next, she’s going to Parcheesi with her rabbit. 

The life of a house sock

You laugh, but he’s currently the highest-ranked sockpuppet-car-eating player in the world.

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