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Best Sites For Free Psychic Readings In 2021 – All You Need To Know

There will be ups and downs in our connections with people. Uncertainties creep in, threatening to break the beautiful union. 

If you’re seeking answers to a troubled life, signing up for psychic readings online could go a long way to restore balance and light things up between you and your partner.

While these psychics aren’t 100% accurate, their skills and expertise will give you an in-depth analysis of your situation beyond what a lame man can provide. 

With that being said, there are several ways to get accurate psychic readings without dipping your hands into your wallet.

To ensure you spend these free minutes judiciously, we’ve gone out of our way to mention some of the best psychics to use on each of the platforms as we believe that this way, we would have to tackle the biggest challenge of using a psychic site for the first time.

Unlike what people think, Psychics don’t try to control your life, and neither do they try to impose their ideas on you. 

Instead, they help you discover a clear path that will bring you immense happiness and satisfaction. Despite the tremendous benefit of using psychic services, it’s challenging to find a credible choice.

Suppose you find yourself in the dilemma of trying to figure out an excellent psychic reading online service. 

In that case, this guide presents you with some of the best picks in the industry, and even better, they’re available round the clock and on hand to give you answers in one click.

#1 Kasamba Psychic 

Kasamba Psychic is the first name that pops up when you Google “best psychic reading site.” They’re bestowed with the most creative and accurate experts. 

The numbers are so vast that you can easily find a substitute when your favorite psychic isn’t available. Every psychic here is pretty experienced, with some having 30 years of practice under their belt. 

Hence, you will expect them to be professional, authoritative, precise, devoted, and most importantly, caring.

Their principal role is to spice up your life in a way that brings more peace to your union. The psychics give you in-depth guidance in finding true adoration, saving your marriage from the jaws of divorce, or getting your partner to commit. 

To crown it all, their intimacy experts are affordable. You can find a good advisor for $1.5, but the most accurate psychic readings online are provided by experienced experts whose fee starts from $2.9.

Kasamba provides anonymity for their clients no matter the reading you’re signing up for. This includes tarot reading, true intimacy tarot, former flame tarot, and Egyptian tarot. Additionally, Kasamba offers their reading via phone and live chat. You can also access the platform on the go using their mobile app, which is compatible with Android and IOS devices. 

This phone psychic reading site offers new customers free 3 minutes in addition to a 50% discount on the first paid session. 

You can claim your special offer here. If you are using Kasamba for attachment reading for the first time, here’s a list of the best psychic readers on the platform to spend your first free 3-minutes with:

Click here for three free minutes + 50% off Offer!

  • Master Enigma

Master Enigma is the ringleader of accurate inspirational readings on Kasamba. He is the most reviewed expert on Kasamba, with over 50,000+ reviews and a total rating of 4.92.  

Master Enigma has more than 30 decades of experience as a caring and trusted advisor. What you will love are his speed and accuracy. 

A minute with him will cost you around $2.99. This makes him one of the most reputable options on the platform despite providing a cheap psychic reading service.

  • Rani, the Psychic

Rani has been on Kasamba for over six years and has 15,000+ reviews on her profile. Her rates are affordable despite her years of experience. 

With a price tag creating $1.5/ minute, she’s one of the cheapest psychic reading experts on the platform. She aims to provide a reading that helps you find your attachment and at the same time brings you peace.

  • GoldenEye

Over 20,000 people have given this psychic a thumbs up for her service. She’s said to have the most accurate reading on Kasamba and has an almost perfect 5-star rating.

 A minute with  GoldenEye will cost from $2.0 -$6.99, depending on the situation. She’s an expert in psychic readings, tarot readings, numerology, and attachment advice.

  • Best Psychic Readings

The Best Psychic readings are one of the most appreciated experts on Kasamba. This psychic reader has 31,000+ reviews and a total rating of 4.89. It cost from $1.50 – $4/99 to book a minute with this expert. 

Frankly, his rate of $1.50 is the best among experts on Kasamba. He specializes in helping you get the most out of your present personal connections through several media such as tarot reading, true intimacy tarot, former flame tarot, and get a reading tarot.  

#2 PsychicOz

PsychicOz isn’t the most popular option out there, but they cut their cheap psychic reading service. You can get accurate phone psychic reading from experts here for free, but once your free session elapses, you will be charged just $0.99 per minute and $4.99 for the email reading. 

As you might have already guessed, they deliver their readings via phone, live chat as well as emails. Their price tag for emails might not be friendly. Coupled with that, they deliver just one reading per email.

Away from the price tag, PsychicOz offers real animosity to its users. It’s impossible to access their platform without signing up and also confirming your email.

What makes the platform appealing is its cheap offers and in-depth information about its psychic readers. Aside from reviews and specialty, you will also get background information about the readers, the type of tools used, and their qualifications. 

The only stumbling block is that most accurate psychics here are generalists; hence the accuracy of some results might be questionable.

 Suppose you have any doubt about their quality. In that case, you might want first to access the psychic using your introductory offer of free 3 minutes with any of the “customer favorites” mentioned below:

Get the First 3 minutes FREE with any of these value packages!

  • Zylissa

Zylissa has been on PsychicOz for just two years but has instantly become a customer favorite. Her best abilities lie in Clairvoyant and remote viewing psychics. 

However, she’s open to attachment readings if requested. Her capabilities are much more powerful when she uses tarot cards, the reason they’ve become her go-to option.  

  • Serenity

Serenity was born with the gift of Clairvoyant but has mastered the skill of tarot card reading. No Issue is too big or small for Serenity to solve, and she promises to reveal the truth no matter how bad the situation is. 

Her major strength is intimacy and career psychic. Her favorite tools include Tarot cards, Astrology, and crystals. However, she can deliver some readings with no tools depending on the preference of the client.

  • Luke

Luke is another customer favorite worth checking out. He’s a certified psychic and has trained with some of the best institutes, such as the Berkeley psychic institute. His abilities include Clairvoyant, Empath, and medium psychic. 

His specialty includes personal connections as well as career forecasts. Luke promises to help his clients excel where they have failed in the past.

#3 Oranum

Oranum is one of few sites that doesn’t depend on phone psychic reading alone. They offer live video readings and provide a conversational style of reading. Oranum is more like a mini social media.

 Their psychics update their profile daily with pictures and happenings in their life. The goal of the platform is to create a personal relationship with its users.

In general, Oranum has hundreds of psychic readers with many years of practice and experience in attending to several issues. Their list of attachment psychic readers is relatively small, so you might want to try other options outside the specialist. 

Oranum offers new users 10 minutes free with any psychic. This is the best psychic reading online offer for new users. It’s difficult to find any other platform that allows you to try out their psychics at no cost for that long.

Once the free credit is exhausted, you will have to top up your account and will be charged per minute from thereon. Oranum rates start from $1.99/minute.

Oranum’s website is quite catchy, but the site goes beyond its aesthetic appeal. You can track the activity of the psychic. Their online and availability status is revealed close to the profile. Psychics that aren’t available are indicated by the word “busy,” while those available are tagged with the word “live.”

Each psychic dashboard contains detailed information about them, such as their language, specialty, and readers rating. 

However, most Oranum psychics speak more than one language. The problem with Oranum is that reviews are not publicly displayed.

 Hence, taking a chance on some psychic might be a risk. You can claim your 10 minutes free session with Oranum psychics here.

Get the first 10-minutes of free psychic reading as soon as you register with Oranum. 

#4) Asknow

Asknow is the best psychic reading website for those who seek accurate tarot card reading. The site was launched in 2014 and has completed thousands of readings for their client. 

Asknow isn’t the most popular name, but they’ve tailored their services around helping people answer questions related to intimacy, a career as well as money.

 Asknow psychics tailor their readings to the client’s preferred means of communication. They might recommend phone psychic readings for users who are uncomfortable with the idea of video calls, but live chat is the most preferred option. 

The advantage video reading has is that you will see the psychic’s face and build a personal rapport with him.

At Asknow, the price you will be charged per minute depends on the experience of the psychic. New psychics are bound to set lower than experienced advisors. 

The best option is to find a balance, especially one that won’t drain your wallet. The best way is to find a psychic with a reasonable rate as well as a good reputation. 

The way to narrow down your option is to look at reviews on the profile of each psychic to find out what recent users are saying about their service. 

At Asknow, the best psychics have a rating of 4-star or higher, and some of them charge as low as $1/minute.

The issue with Asknow psychic is the language barrier. The majority of them are not bilingual. 90% of the psychics speak English, making them a bad option for non-English speakers. 

To gain access to all of Asknow’s features, you will have to sign up by inputting your name and email address on the home page.

New users on Asknow are welcomed with a reduced price tag for all of their readings. New users are gifted free 5-minutes after their sign-up, and if they decide to go beyond the first 5 minutes, they will be charged $1/minute.  

However, before Asknow starts charging you the standard rate, you will be given a one-time offer of $10 for 15 minutes. Remember that if you don’t like the psychic that took the first 5 minutes, you can switch to another once the free minutes elapse. 

You can claim your free 5-minute with Asknow today and get answers to every question about your life.

5-minutes of free reading to all. Also, Only $1 a minute and 15 min for only $10!

#5) Mysticsense

Mysticsense specializes in astrology, and tarot card readings, among other options. Mysticsense psychics are available on all days of the week and work round the clock to provide reasonable predictions. 

Our advisors at mystic sense provide accurate readings, which are delivered via live chat or videos.

You will, however, discover that not every psychic will provide the video chat option. Some psychics might offer phone psychic reading while others might offer all three (phone, chat, and video readings), although their rate for every arrangement will differ.  At Mystic sense, psychic readings online go for as low as $1 per minute, but the first 5-minute to new customers will be free.

Overall, Mysticsense prioritizes the comfort and safety of its customers. If the user feels uneasy during video reading, he can switch to other options that make him comfortable.

You can try Mystic sense today at no cost. Go here to get started and spend those 3-minutes with one of the options mentioned below:

  • Psychic Expert Tiffany Luna

Tiffany is a compassionate psychic and might be the best option for those with an emotional burden. She offers in-depth counseling and life coaching in addition to Clairvoyant and past life interpretation. While she loves to work with her tools, she delivers her reading with no tools as well.

When expert Tiffany Luna is on hand to work with you to find the right track, the significant challenges she will be able to help you resolve to go beyond personal attachments. 

She can also help you figure out your purpose in life. Tiffany charges $1.5/minute for chats and $2.5/minute for accurate phone psychic reading. Before booking a session with her, ensure she has enough room in her schedule.

  • Angelina life specialist

Angelina is a specialist in the area of personal intimacy and attachment. Her primary areas include:

  • Resolving issues related to breakups and divorce.
  • Cheating hearts.
  • Finding new personal connections.
  • Getting back to your partner.

Angelina’s favorite tools include crystals, chakras, Reiki, tarot, and auras. Angelina is one of the most experienced psychic readings online experts on Mysticsense and has over 30 years of experience. 

You can be guided in the right direction by her, and she might help you find answers where uncertainty is building up. 

  • Psychic Selena

Psychic Selena is a naturally gifted psychic with ten years of experience under her wings. Her specialty includes unhealthy attachments, soul mates, cheating hearts as well as breakups or divorce. Her favorite tools include crystals as well as tarot cards.

If you are having some difficulties with your intimacy, psychic Selena might be of help. She will help you figure out if someone has feelings for you, if your present partner is your soulmate and if you can ever find proper bonding. 

Psychic Selena charges $2.0/minute for all of her sessions – video, live chat, or phone readings.

Claim Your First 5 – Minutes All For Free

#6 California Psychic 

It is no earlier than the 1980s California psychic comes in the running providing exceptional 

services in any part of the world. They are proud of offering their services transparently. 

They are too determined to help individuals facing issues in their life matters and goals. 

Your connection with your favorite psychic is now easy! Unlike other platforms, their readings extend to live chat and video delivery. This way, you can see your psychic face via webcam, but you can choose to keep yours hidden.

California psychic offers one of the best Psychic readings online; considering the accuracy of their interpretation, their charges are pretty cheap and affordable for people of all pocket sizes. 

Presently, California psychics offer a wide range of reading types. This includes career psychics, Clairvoyants, Horoscope, Intuitive Psychic, medium Psychic, and Love Psychic. Meanwhile, love Psychics is the area they’ve earned overall recommendations.

California psychic is the platform for individuals seeking solutions to their relationship problems. It’s recommended for individuals facing troubled marriage life or folks who can’t seem to stay in a relationship for long. 

They can also be of help to folks struggling to find “the right one.” They have the best selection of love psychic readers to provide answers to your troubled love life effortlessly.

When signing up for any readings that require a bit of spirituality, your best bet is on someone whose energy matches yours. You will gain a moderate insight into the personality of each psychic reader by reading through reviews on their profile. It will be suicidal to opt for psychics with no reviews on their profile yet.

Their costs per minute start from $1 but could rise to $30 when hiring veterans and top-rated readers. However, discounts are offered when using specific promo codes.

The promo code- “ADD5” offers new customers an exciting deal. New customers have been gifted a 5-minute free session in addition to an 80% discount on their first paid reading session. This is done to give new users a glimpse of their services before investing any dollar.

Click here for 3 free minutes.

#7 Psychicencounters 

Psychicencounters is another popular choice for psychic readings online and has been in existence for years. The platform does an excellent job via call and live chat for folks who need answers to all their problems.

Unlike what people think, Psychics don’t try to control your life, and neither do they try to impose their ideas on you. Instead, they help you discover a clear path that will bring you immense happiness and satisfaction. 

Despite the tremendous benefit of using psychic services, it’s challenging to find a credible choice, but Psychicencounters help you make the right choices in a few minutes. 

Here the psychic network is made up of gifted individuals from all over the world who are available to give you a reading at any time of day or night. 

See your psychic’s picture, read their brief introduction, and compare their pricing for various services by searching by subject, psychic skills, or psychic resources.

It engages in independent practice but uses the platform as an avenue to render its services online. However, every advisor on their platform has passed an in-house test of delivering accurate readings.

These psychics are exceptional in Dream analysis, Astrology, Tarot reading, and career forecast. Their readings are delivered via emails, phone calls as well as live chat.

They have many psychics on board, which is the best option for those who want an urgent answer to pressing life issues when an in-person psychic is out of reach.

What differentiates Psychic encounters from others is that there are extra measures to ensure client’s data aren’t exploited. 

With them, you can choose to show your face during live video readings or remain anonymous. It’s easy to identify the best psychics here. 

The platform does an excellent job via call and live chat for folks who need answers to all their problems.

All their readers are specialists in their field and equipped with the skill to tackle challenging situations. 

Remember that each Psychic method is different, but the reviews on their profile should lead you to the right pick in no time. 

However, there’s little fear of dealing with quacks here since every psychic has obtained certification in their chosen field.

$0.99/ Minute for New Customers + 5 Free Minutes (CODE: “ADD5”).


5 Free Minutes + 80% Off

FAQ About Intimacy Psychic Reading

How do Tarot Cards help with intimacy readings?

As you would notice, you will observe that there is a trend among most of the psychic readings online sites listed here. 

It’s no coincidence that the majority of personal connections psychics possess the skill of tarot card reading. This is because tarot card reading helps people find answers to pressing life issues. All it takes for a psychic to figure out the solution to your problem is a few turns of the card.

Most psychics will use tarot card reading when there’s vast uncertainty surrounding a personal attachment. Such as when you’re not sure if your present partner is the right one for you or if you suspect your spouse of infidelity. Tarot card reading offers a glimpse into the future in general.

Can you trust the prediction of Online Psychic readers?

Well, to get the best psychic readings online, you will have to use a reputable site such as the ones we’ve mentioned above. 

As much as these sites offer free trials, it’s just a way to get new users to test their service and determine if it’s the right option for them before committing.


Using this site minimizes the risk of falling into scams. All the psychics mentioned by us were hand-picked because they are reliable and recommended by some of their past users. Even if things don’t go according to plan, a lot of these psychic sites offer refunds.

What Is the Accuracy of Online Psychic Readings?

Your psychic should be knowledgeable as well as experienced. This is why it’s crucial to find a psychic who has been thoroughly vetted and is willing to share their credentials and experience publicly. 

The credibility of your chosen psychic is essentially the determining factor in the accuracy of your reading. 

Even the best psychic reading site cannot guarantee you 100% accuracy. We will admit that these psychic readings online sites aren’t always correct, and they never make you feel like their judgment is final. 

They only try to examine what happened in the past and how these events can influence your future. But when combined with other tools and skills, their prediction is more accurate than that of a lame man.

What Is the Process of Getting a Psychic Reading Online?

Online psychic readings are very convenient and can be obtained in several ways, all from the convenience of your own home. 

  • Readings over the phone—Simply call your chosen psychic and start asking all of your burning questions.
  • Readings via Online Chat—Use an online chat if you prefer written correspondence.
  • Video Readings—If you prefer the more intimate touch of video, simply order a video chat with your chosen psychic.
  • Email Readings—If you have any questions but don’t have a lot of time, send an email to a psychic and ask for a reading.

What do you do to prepare for a reading?

People often seek psychic guidance while they are going through very trying times, making it difficult to know what kind of guidance to seek. In any case, a client should not be concerned; their psychic advisor will inform them shortly.

 If they have specific questions that they need to be answered, it’s great to ask the reader to do so; if they only need an overall reading or can’t express their desires, their psychic will take care of it, and the data will flow regardless.

What topics am I allowed to inquire about?

  • Relationships and Love
  • Choosing a Career Path
  • Finances and Money
  • Pets
  • Deceased Loved Ones
  • Items that have been lost
  • Missing Persons
  • Spiritual Guide

Questions to ask a Psychic During Your Free trial minutes

Some sites will offer you free minutes to test the water with any psychics before opting for a paid session. We understand that a lot of first-time users are clueless about how to approach the conversation. To ensure these free minutes are worthwhile, here is how to come up with reasonable questions to ask your psychic:

  1. Sit down in a quiet place and consider which areas of your personal life you’re struggling in. For instance, do you struggle to hold onto a partner?; Do you get bored quickly?
  2. If there are many issues, narrow down your list to the most pressing one. By this, I mean those that keep you tossing on your bed all night.
  3. Rank your issues in order of importance
  4. Now that you’ve narrowed your list to the most pressing issues, come up with questions in that area. For instance, if you’re searching for genuine personal warmth and bonding, some of the questions you might want to ask your psychic might go like this – ” What do I need to know about him to determine our compatibility?” or ” What’s the sign that he’s the right one for me?”


For first-timers, immense satisfaction from using psychic reading services starts with picking the right advisor. We always recommend you use your free minutes to qualify the psychic before spending more.

Psychics with no reviews are risky, no matter how low their fees are. With all being said, don’t expect every prediction a psychic makes to come true. This is because no psychic reader has an accuracy of 100%

Using a credible video or phone psychic reading expert will remove all the uncertainty in your life and return, creating a path to happiness. 

If you’re a first-timer, it’s essential to look for a balance. You don’t want to spend more than you’re capable of, as some of these readings can go beyond the intended minutes. 

Most of the time, it’s challenging to get the answers you want within those free minutes. Hence, at some point, you will have to opt for their paid session to continue the conversation. 

This is why there are options for a cheap psychic reading from all of the platforms mentioned above.

If we narrow down our option to the cheapest but reputable option on the list, it will be Psychic Source. However, whatever you’re looking for in terms of personal connections and intimacy, you will never run out of options with this guide.

Online Psychic Reading is a rapidly growing industry. More destinations offering these otherworldly administrations should emerge every day, as creativity makes an enticing bait for new clients with the assurance of accountability and security.

While sifting through a large number of live psychics can seem daunting, with this run-down of the most frequently asked questions about a psychic online reading, a client may narrow their expected guides down to four locations packed with knowledgeable readers. 

With this information, making a decision should be easy, and a seeker’s true serenity should be within reach.

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