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Restore balance with ReChi's Calla Lily Candle! Hand-poured bliss merges hydrangea and cherry blossom for a sophisticated scent, rooted in Eastern wellness. Unwind now!

Create balance with RE:CHI’s scented candles

In today’s chaotic world, there’s always room for a little zen, and ReChi’s Calla Lily Candle promises just that. Hand-poured with love, this candle melds ancient traditions with modern aesthetics. Not just a pretty scent, the Calla Lily symbolizes rebirth and purity, with hydrangea and cherry blossom notes adding sophistication. The ReChi brand, founded during an inspiring MBA journey, bridges Eastern wellness wisdom with Western convenience—perfect for balancing your stress levels. Trust us, it’s bliss in a jar.

Calla Lily Candle: The Perfect Pick-Me-Up

Stress wreaks havoc on our lives, and finding reprieve is essential. The ReChi Calla Lily Candle promises to restore balance and serenity. The candle’s blend of hydrangea and cherry blossom creates a nuanced, sophisticated fragrance. This combination is more than just olfactory delight—it signals a fresh start, teeming with beauty and purity.

Hand-poured and uniquely crafted, each candle from ReChi has its own distinct charm. This personalization mirrors the individuality of our own lives, imperfections and all. Founded by Rice University alums Skye Chao and Annabel Florescu, ReChi showcases their unique fusion of Eastern and Western wellness traditions. Their mutual experiences in traditional Chinese medicine affirm the candle’s benefits.

The Calla Lily Candle isn’t merely about fragrance; it’s an homage to centuries-old traditions. Traditional Chinese medicine‘s holistic approach to health—and its time-tested efficacy—is at the core of ReChi. The gentle burn of the candle accentuates its purifying virtues, promising tranquility and a balanced state of mind.

Illuminate your space

Step aside, mundane candles—ReChi’s Calla Lily Candle is here to elevate your zen game. The blend of hydrangea and cherry blossom notes ensures you’re not just lighting a candle, but invoking a whole mood. Whether you’re unwinding after work or setting the vibe for a cozy evening, this candle is your new BFF.

The story behind ReChi is just as blissful as the candle itself. Founders Skye Chao and Annabel Florescu, who bonded during their MBA program, were inspired by Eastern postpartum practices. They saw a gap in cultural understanding and aimed to bridge it with their unique brand that blends traditional wisdom with contemporary living.

What sets ReChi apart? Each Calla Lily Candle is hand-poured, exuding individuality and imperfections that make each one unique. The subtle, calming fragrance not only purifies your space but also elevates your mood. If you’re looking for a perfect companion to your yoga session or Netflix binge, you’ve just found it.

Embrace Serenity with Every Flicker

Stressed? The ReChi Calla Lily Candle is your escape route. This hand-poured gem blends hydrangea and cherry blossom to create a balanced scent that’s as pure as its calla lily namesake. Need to offset life’s chaos? This candle promises a tranquil, purifying experience grounded in traditions dating back centuries.

Each ReChi candle is a handcrafted marvel with unique imperfections. It’s a testament to the individuality we all cherish in our lives. Founders Skye Chao and Annabel Florescu fused their academic journey into an inspired brand, marrying Eastern wellness with Western ease. Stress relief has never been this chic or effective.

At the heart of ReChi lies a reverence for traditional Chinese medicine’s holistic approach—well-known to restore balance and serenity. Lighting the Calla Lily Candle invites this ancient wisdom into your home, encouraging a mindful, purifying experience. It’s a small, elegant step towards tranquility.

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Find Your Zen with ReChi

In an age where balancing stress feels more elusive than ever, ReChi’s Calla Lily Candle offers a beacon of calm. Infused with sophisticated notes of hydrangea and cherry blossom, this hand-poured marvel is more than a candle—it’s a pathway to tranquility. Founded on the rich traditions of traditional Chinese medicine by Skye Chao and Annabel Florescu, ReChi encapsulates the marriage of ancient wisdom and modern living. Each unique candle reminds us that imperfections can be perfect, creating an inviting sanctuary with every flicker. ReChi’s Calla Lily Candle isn’t just a scent; it’s a serene escape. Discover the balance you need, one soothing burn at a time.

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