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There are tons of great black romance movies available to watch. Here's a breakdown of the best black romance movies here.

The Best Black Romance Movies for Your First Date

Meeting someone while dating online is a hugely exciting experience that proves that traditional dating is no longer something we need to rely on. Whether you’re new to meeting people or experienced, it’s important to remember that making the first impression always gives you the best chance to find dating happiness. Building a relationship online can take anything from a matter of hours to months, but once you reach a point whereby a date is on the cards, that first date idea comes knocking on the door!

That feeling of dread and fear might wash over you because you’re eager to get it right. Do you go all lavish and throw cash at your first date or keep it cheap and simple? Of course, you keep it cheap and simple because that’s a lot easier than going down the expensive route! So, you might want to consider some black romance movies for your first date, especially if you’ve been dating at Myblackpartner, which is home to thousands of black singles looking for a safe space to date with people sharing their cultural heritage. Take a look at these black romance films and enjoy a successful first date!

Sylvie’s Love

Your first date should capture everything perfectly, and setting the tone comes easy with Sylvie’s Love. Nobody completely understands where love takes us, and in the case of this film, it’s clear to see that love certainly throws up some surprises. The film focuses on two people who fell in love during one summer but went their separate ways. One is a TV producer, the other a musician, and years later, they come together again. It might be fate, it might be luck, but they instantly recognize that their feelings haven’t changed. So, they’ve got different careers pulling them apart, so they’re left with a big decision to make – their career or love?

The Photograph

This film is perfect for enjoying together on the sofa because it captures everything so brilliantly well! It’s packed with mystery, intrigue, and wonder because this story is as moving as it is romantic. The unexpected death of a photographer, Christina Eames, leaves her daughter behind with feelings of anger, hurt, and a whole load of questions about her mother and her life. The daughter discovers a hidden photograph, and that forces her to delve into the past of her mother. She soon discovers a hot-blooded romance with a leading journalist, and from here, the story grows into something beautiful.

If Beale Street Could Talk

Everyone experiences that feeling of longing when away from a loved one, and If Beale Street Could Talk explores this theme. The film is packed with drama and romance and is based around African-American lovers who are in their teens. The pair are cruelly split apart when he is wrongly accused and arrested for raping a lady from Puerto Rico. The accusations have been fueled by a racist cop, but the arrested man’s pregnant partner seeks justice, turning to her community in Harlem for help. Do love and justice prevail, or does he get sentenced for a crime he didn’t do?


This interesting film goes deep with the storyline as it focuses on three periods of the life of a black American guy. It follows him through adolescence, his time as a teen, and during his young adult life. He is brought into a world ridden with drugs and a mother who is an addict. He is a small child and experiences bullying and neglect as his mother fails to take care of him. With no guidance through life, he could head down the wrong path, but then a local drug dealer takes him under his wing, which could signal trouble. As expected, does he follow the path that’s already laid out for him, or should he make up his own mind on what he wants from life?

About Last Night

A passionate movie, this film has plenty of romance and comedy, so prepare to settle down for the evening! This is a modern remake of a play known as Sexual Perversity, and it follows two couples who are new to the world of relationships. Their relationships are sexually driven, and while things start off well, they soon find that not everything is as it seems, especially when things settle down and the relationships become more normal!

There’s no denying that the films we have listed above make for great viewing on your first date. They capture everything you expect, which means you’ll soon find yourself embracing each other while in the midst of drama, romance, and comedy. Don’t fret about creating the perfect first date because all you really need is a good film and time spent together. So, it’s time to choose one of the films above and discover how simple it is to arrange that first date!

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