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Like everything on the internet, there are some quality memes surrounding 'The Great British Bake-Off'. Here are the best 'Bake-Off' memes.

‘The Great British Bake-Off’: Munch on these delicious memes

Is there anything close to televised chicken noodle soup for your cold dead heart like The Great British Bake-Off? No. No, there isn’t. There’s something just so wholesome about it you want to cuddle up in a blanket and think the world can be kinder for something like this series existing in the first place. If you’re sitting in the dark yelling about someone’s sponge, then you know the struggle.

Like everything on the internet, there are some quality memes surrounding The Great British Bake-Off. We have eleven of the best memes that we could find about the show that will send fans laughing, sighing, and shaking their heads in equal measure. 

So get ready to get baking, here’s the best memes for The Great British Bake-Off that we can find.

1. Like a 30% chance?

This has that same energy from that Parks and Rec meme about April and Andy dying on a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond.

2. Remember the Channel 4 move?

There are so many memes about that move from BBC One to Channel 4 and all the changes that came with it.

3. We miss them!

Why can’t Mel and Sue come back to us?

4. Paul Hollywood would get beat by my grandma

You don’t put your fingers in cake like that, dude! 

5. It’s always an emotional journey

Bakers and fans go through this with every single challenge that happens.

6. Mood

These following images encapsulate life in general and 2020 as a whole.

7. Noel Fielding also a mood

An odd choice for the host following the Channel 4 move, but he’s having fun with it. And we salute him for it. 

8. We hope that Paul Hollywood washes his hands

His past pokes are giving our 2020 mindsets some new levels of anxiety.

9. Also a mood

You hope for the best that you picked the least wrong decision out of all of them. 

10. A journey

This is everyone, watching The Great British Bake-Off. 

11. Wholesomeness for the soul

Positive! Human! Contact! We need more of this.

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